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Huawei added six new options in the GameCenter app to improve gaming experience



Huawei GameCenter

Last year, Huawei introduced GameCenter, a platform to bring mobile gaming communities together through high-quality content and rewards. Today, Huawei added six new features to this GameCenter app that will help gamers to interact better with each other and get the most out of the games they play.

The new option includes options such as Beep, which allows gamers to view the documentary of the game and let everyone know the story behind the game as well as the story of how it has developed. Through this feature, gamers can also learn some interesting facts about the game.

Huawei GameCenter

There is also a feature that helps gamers to read the reviews of games, and also allows them to sort the short and professional ones to suggest them select the games they want to play.

The Tour tab offers others to learn more about new games and players can also create a community of gamers and interact with each other and discuss various topics.

According to the information, the GameCenter has reached about 45 million monthly active users and it’s increasing rapidly. Therefore, new changes in the GameCenter will likely increase the overall user experience.

Huawei GameCenter

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