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Huawei announces three new health studies, will be used in upcoming smartwatches and smart wearables



On January 23, 2021, at Huawei Annual Conference, Huawei announced three new health studies, including hypertension management, smart body temperature health, and coronary heart disease screening.

These researches will help the company to improve its smart wearable products and will be launched with the wearables products in 2021.

Kevin ho, President of Handset Business, Huawei Consumer Business Group said that Huawei is currently working on wearable blood pressure measurement devices and will begin research on hypertension management with well known domestic institutions to explore innovative active health management of blood pressure from screening to early intervention.

Simultaneously, Huawei is developing the continuous body management technology based on smart wear and is conducting joint research on smart body temperature to achieve abnormal body temperature detection.

Additionally, Huawei is conducting joint research on intelligent screening and early warning of coronary heart disease with teh help of Huawei’s ECG capable smartwatches. These devices provide PPG and ACC data to achieve intelligent screening and early warning of coronary heart disease to help consumers actively manage their health.

Huawei revealed that it has a number of sports and health science labs in Shenzhen and Xian. There are professional event-level testing venues, sports testing systems, as well as cross-border R&D teams spanning sports human science, bioengineering, sports, medicine, and other disciplines, and continue to conduct cutting-edge testing and research in the wearable industry.

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