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Huawei launches GameCenter, a gaming hub for global Huawei device users



On August 3, 2020, Huawei launched its official game service and distribution platform – Huawei GameCenter, in 13 countries and regions worldwide.

Huawei designed GameCenter as a platform to bring mobile gaming communities together through high-quality content and rewards.

Huawei users in the Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and other regions can now enjoy new gaming experience by downloading and using Huawei GameCenter via AppGallery.


Also, it’s a service that will come pre-installed on future Huawei devices with Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) and a sort of replacement of Google Play Games app to manage their gaming-related content.

Huawei GameCenter

Huawei GameCenter is a one-stop game service platform and offers a unique experience for the users by providing features such as pre-ordering a game.

Also, users can take advantage of exclusive online game packages and offers when playing the games, through which they can grow their profile, unlock further discounts, and enjoy benefits.

Here are some things about Huawei GameCenter:

Be among the first to know about new game releases and try out new games


GameCenter is the platform for the global launch of featured games, which are exclusive on Huawei’s platform. These include Starship Legion-AMG, BORN AS EPIC, Farm Legend, Survival Road, Ellr Land, and more.

Users can also find other new games such as Dynasty Legends: True Hero Rises from Chaos, Goddess MUA, and more.

Never miss out on globally popular games


Popular games consumers can enjoy on GameCenter including Idle Heroes, The Origin of Chaos, Brain Out, AFK Arena, Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade, Lords Mobile, Asphalt 9: Legends – Epic Car Action Racing Game, Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of Zodiac, Perfect world and more.

Enjoy exclusive gifts and offers, only on GameCenter

Users will find several welfare packages exclusive to Huawei GameCenter. For example, when playing Last Day Rules: Survival and Starship Legion-AMG, users can get exclusive package benefits such as gold coins and time-limited props, having more enjoyable game time. In addition, there are surprise benefits that users can discover as they explore this new gaming hub.


Huawei GameCenter Features:

Search: Users can search their games in the search box.

Game recommendation: GameCenter recommend users in different categories including the following:

  • Editor’s recommendations.
  • Featured New Games
  • Pre-order Games
  • Early Access Games
  • Top Charts
  • Monthly Ranking
  • Related

Game Categories: Users also have options to explore games in 6 genres – Action, Card & Board, Puzzle & Casual, Role-playing, Sports games, and Strategy.

Manage: GameCenter lets the user manage their Gifts, Rewards, pre-orders, which list, check purchase history, and more.


Huawei GameCenter

Global Developers:

Currently, Huawei GameCenter has partnerships with top global game companies, such as Lilith games, IGG, Gameloft, Forshow games, etc.

For developers in the gaming sector, the introduction of GameCenter now provides even further benefits including:

  • Free professional evaluation services for developers to acquire local feedbacks about the games from overseas regions. This is to help developers localize their apps so the game services will be more relevant and exciting for players across various markets.
  • For those developers who need to integrate their games with HMS Core, Huawei will provide technical support to facilitate integration with HMS Core efficiently as needed.
  • Access to the “Shining-Star” program, which provides a $1 billion incentive fund and offers various services. This includes a full app development life cycle, funds for development innovation, user growth, marketing, and other aspects for developers.
  • Developers have a favorable share of the revenue when developing with Huawei. Additionally, we offer developers advertising and promotional space within GameCenter to reach more consumers.

In future version upgrades, GameCenter will feature an in-app social community. That way, players will be able to use the platform as a way to socialize, make friends, and build communities of fans with the same interests.

Yash is a graduate of computer science and followed his way into journalism, he is interested in various subjects related to technologies and politics. Yash likes to listen classical songs and has a huge library of classical mixes.

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‘Tesla cars are killing peoples’ said Huawei smart car solution head, demoted by Huawei



Tesla Model S

Yesterday, Huawei removes Su Qing as the President of the Intelligent Driving Product Line, accounting him responsible for making improper comments about Tesla vehicles.

The company explained that the unethical remark made by Su Qing is the reason for this strict action. A person has to be responsible for his deeds, that’s why the company is taking further actions.

Whole Story:

Huawei smart car BU president Su Qing took part in the World Artificial Intelligence Conference. During his interaction with the media about autonomous driving technology and safety measurements, Qing made a controversial comment about the Tesla vehicles and their ADS technology.


In his answer, Su Qing used an unpleasant word to describe the issues with Tesla vehicles. He said machines from the big names such as Tesla cars are causing accidents in human society and “killing peoples” even in the case of autopiloting.

He added that Huawei is working hard to bring solid technologies to decrease the smart car issues. The company (indicating Huawei) wants to overcome the causes as low as possible that are responsible for increasing the accident rate.

Tesla models s

Huawei’s Respond:

Reacting to this whole story, the Huawei spokesperson explained that the statement (Tesla is killing peoples) was his (Su Qing) personal view, but the company believes that it harms the reputation of both firms.


The company decided to demote Su Qing from the President and Chief Architect to the strategic reserve team. He will receive the training in the distribution department and will reflect on his statement.

Furthermore, Huawei spokesperson stated that the company respects the struggles and participation of each enterprise and appreciates their work in the automotive industry. Moreover, the company believes that only the joint effort can bring a breakthrough in autonomous driving technology.

(Via- Ithome)

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Huawei and China Mobile deploys first Cloud Access Private Line




Back in 2019, the State Council of China published an official development plan for Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area to promote rapid economic development.

According to the information, there were 53,000 national high-tech enterprises in Guangdong province by the end of 2020. But, the one consequence of this digital and cloud-based transformation is that these enterprise private lines have higher requirements on latency and packet loss rates.

In the past, China Mobile was continuously providing premium communication services for enterprises and individuals. Additionally, it has always been committed to building premium basic communication networks for the Greater Bay Area.


In 2018, Guangdong Mobile (Guangdong branch of China Mobile) has deployed over 2,000 OTN nodes to build a premium OTN private line network covering 21 prefecture-level cities in the province. However, this network is linked to Hong Kong and Macao operator networks as well as China Mobile’spremium enterprise network.


First OTN P2MP Cloud Access Private Line:

To provide low latency and highly reliable differentiated cloud access experience for SMEs and helping them achieve digital and cloud-based transformation. Guangdong Mobile and Huawei developed and deployed an OTN point-to-point (P2MP) cloud access private line solution on July 25.


The aim of this project is to help SMEs to achieve digital and cloud-based transformation. Additionally, by integrating OLTs and OTNs, this solution comprehensively converges gigabit access and all-optical networks to provide a premium cloud access experience.


  • Fast network coverage
  • Quality cloud access
  • E2E smart management and control

Fast network coverage:

The OTN P2MP private line uses existing ODNs that have covered business buildings to implement fast coverage and provisioning of enterprise private lines.

Quality cloud access:


OLTs innovatively use upstream OTN boards to transmit services over exclusive OTN channels. This prevents service congestion and ensures zero packet loss. In addition, innovative dual-channel isolation technology for service and management signals ensures that private lines achieve deterministic E2E low latency and provides a premium cloud access experience for SMEs.

E2E smart management and control:

This solution uses iMaster NCE, Huawei’s management, and control engine, to implement cross-domain management control of OTNs and OLTs, fast E2E service provisioning, SLA visualization, and self-service bandwidth adjustment. It also offers a self-service and e-commerce experience.


For more information:

In the tenure of the 14th Five-Year Plan, the digital economy in the Greater Bay Area will develop rapidly. Moreover, Guangdong Mobile will continue to increase its network quality and use wide-coverage OTAs to provide ubiquitous optical connections for various industries

(Source: Huawei)

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Over 350,000 developers joined Huawei Ascend AI ecosystem



Huawei Ascend AI Business

According to Huawei’s official report, the Huawei Ascend AI ecosystem has achieved rapid growth in the past year. Now, it has an AI ecosystem development team consisted of more than 350,000 developers.

Huawei’s higher authority speech:

Recently, Huawei Ascend Business President, Xu Yingtong in his keynote speech mentioned that Ascend AI ecosystem has developed more than 600 solutions with over 500 partners.


In addition, he said Huawei and Wuhan jointly build the Wuhan Artificial Intelligence Computing Center and strive to create an industrial layout of “1 center + 4 platforms”. The four platform includes:

  • Public Computing Power Service
  • Scientific Research Innovation and Talent Training
  • Industrial Development
  • Innovative Application Platform

Xu Yingtong

Wuhan Artificial Intelligence Computing Center 

Wuhan Artificial Intelligence Computing Center has delivered artificial intelligence computing power support for more than 20 companies and 4 universities as well as research institutes.


Huawei Ascend AI Ecosystem:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer just a catchphrase but is slowly becoming a new type of general computing technology. However, Huawei never stops investing in AI research and development.

The technologies such as ground-breaking cooperation among 5G, cloud, edge, and reshaping various industries including financial service, manufacturing, and more usually require collaboration to obtain fruitful results.


On this subject, Huawei has been making a lot of effort in building an AI ecosystem, which includes academia, industries, and relevant communities to AI development. I can advance both technology and those sectors together.

With an open approach, opening up hardware, making software open-source, and pursuing shared success with our partners.

(Via: ithome)


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