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Huawei launches diskless home storage device with upto 40TB capacity expansion



Huawei Home Storage

On Saturday, October 14, 2023, Huawei launched a new diskless version of the home storage device at 1899 yuan (259 USD). The home storage is already available in 4TB and 8TB inbuilt disk versions. Talking about the benefit, the new diskless Huawei home storage makes it easy for everyone to fetch their own hard drives in action.

The appearance remains unchanged. It is equipped with two SATA III hard disk interfaces and supports manual replacement. It supports maximum storage capacity expansion upto 40TB. The home storage has a built-in 2.5GE network port, and the first fingerprint security cabinet, and you can unlock top-secret information by yourself.

Compared with traditional NAS, Huawei’s home storage is simple to use. There is no threshold for ordinary users to get started. They only need to bring their phone close to the home storage NFC area to complete the connection. Photos and video source files in the designated albums on the mobile phone can be automatically synchronized, freeing up the phone’s space.

huawei diskless home storage

The system gallery and home storage on HarmonyOS-supported devices are deeply integrated. Pictures and videos on home storage can be accessed at any time just like local photos, and remote synchronization and also able to load third-party apps.

Interestingly, users can automatically achieve network penetration without making special settings on the router, support remote access to stored files, and have unlimited file upload and download speeds.

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