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Huawei Cloud launches CodeArts Build for enterprise software solutions




Today, Huawei Cloud launched a distributed compilation and construction system called CodeArts Build. It is built to support enterprises to achieve efficient software development, reduce product launch timelines, and add new key features for high competitiveness.

Huawei Cloud CodeArts Build currently supports the efficient software integration of 60,000 Huawei R&D personnel, with a daily build task volume of 770,000 and centralized and flexible scheduling of 248,000 build servers.

Through key technologies such as on-demand code download, cloudification, distributed, precise increment, and flexible scheduling, the software integration process is accelerated end-to-end, allowing developers to compile results in minutes, integrate version packages in 30 minutes, and build billion-level codes in full 1 hour to complete.

Huawei Cloud CodeArts Build has more than 130 built-in build environments, over 30 templates, and more than 20 plug-ins, which users can use out of the box. Simultaneously, CodeArts Build supports multi-platform and multi-system construction, including x86, ARM, and other computing architectures, as well as Linux, Windows, macOS, and other operating systems.

Huawei CodeArts Build

Through the built-in cross-platform environment, it can eliminate the manual construction of compilation servers, configuration of continuous integration software, etc., and help users quickly complete the construction of continuous integration systems.

Huawei Cloud CodeArts Build provides code download acceleration technology. By calculating the feature identification code of the source code file tree and building a dedicated distributed file storage system, the source code is encrypted with permissions and deduplicated storage, so that files can be cached once and reused multiple times. Greatly reduced the number of times to download files from the code repository.

Also, through the dedicated network channel in the VPC, the code is efficiently reused from the cache, so as to provide the efficient download of the code at the time of construction.

Huawei Cloud CodeArts Build provides technologies such as distributed compilation and precise increment, breaking through the performance bottleneck of a single machine, and accelerating the compilation of C/C++ language through the large-scale elastic resources of the cloud.

The shared distributed cache and accurate dependency identification help the on-demand distribution of compilation commands and the construction efficiency is doubled on the basis of cost savings.

For complex build scenarios that involve multiple team collaborations, multiple computing architectures, multiple operating systems, and build engineering dependencies, Huawei CodeArts Build provides the BuildFlow orchestration mode, which allows development or integration engineers to orchestrate on-demand based on multi-component dependencies.

It allows building tasks to be built in a directed acyclic graph according to task dependencies. The efficient and flexible BuildFlow construction mode can not only meet the complex construction requirements, but also split the existing construction tasks in a modular way, and adapt the rapid construction and integration of software packages through multi-task parallel construction.

Embedded software fields such as smart terminals, vehicle software, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices are usually developed based on systems such as HarmonyOS and AOSP. A build needs to integrate hundreds or even thousands of code bins at the same time.

The integrated download efficiency of multiple code bins is very important. Huawei Cloud CodeArts Build integrates the Repo download tool, and users only need to perform a simple configuration to fetch the linked integrated download of multiple code repositories. Meanwhile, the code caching technology can also be integrated to realize the linkage and efficient download of multiple code warehouses.

Huawei Cloud CodeArts Build brings the sharing of hundreds of thousands of enterprise-level build resources by uniformly and flexibly scheduling the build resources of Huawei’s wireless, datacom, optical, automotive, computing, and storage product lines. Compared with the self-built and exclusive construction resources of each product and project team, it can save 70% of construction resources.

Huawei Cloud CodeArts Build supports the rapid development of Huawei’s cloud computing, network, devices, chip, automobiles, and other businesses. For example, CodeArts Build, through its extreme build acceleration capability, has helped the optical product line to shorten the full build time of hundreds of millions of codes by 20 times.

The integration cycle between components has been shortened from 1 week to 1 hour via the elastic scheduling capability of the cloud, the construction resources on-demand acquisition and low-cost construction, and the construction server consumption has been reduced from 36,000 to 10,000.

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