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Huawei launched third gen 3D eye protection desk lamp with 96 full-spectrum lamp beads



Huawei 3D desk lamp

Recently, Huawei and a Chinese lamp manufacturer, Dalen launched the third-generation desk lamp with 3D eye protection. It is named “Huawei Smart Selection Dalen Desk Lamp 3 Pro” and it retails at 429 yuan, while it is listed for 329 yuan for early buyers.

The lamp maker has developed the third generation of smart light technology. The light emitted by 96 full-spectrum lamp beads is refracted by tens of thousands of laser arrays and spreads 360 degrees to the surroundings, increasing the light-emitting area.

It is 100% larger, and the dark area of ​​lighting is reduced by 50%, therefore, the lighting range is no longer limited to the desk only. Dalun Smart Desk Lamp 3Pro took the lead in passing the new national standard CQC “Performance Requirements for Reading and Writing Desk Lamps” certification.

The uniformity of its illumination has reached the national AA standard, easily illuminating a 1.2-meter desk. The color rendering index is as high as 97, which can cultivate children’s real color cognition.

Huawei 3D desk lamp

The product has successively passed CQC hygienic requirements for the prevention and control of myopia in children and adolescents, TUV SUD Ultralight testing, and has RG0 exemption level no blue light, and no video flicker certification. This makes it effective in reducing blue light damage and helps children relieve visual fatigue caused by stroboscopic flicker.

The Huawei 3D desk lamp has a smart photosensitive adjustment feature, which keeps the reading and writing area of ​​the desktop at an appropriate brightness at all times.

This makes children’s eyes more comfortable and helps them to study with more focus. Parents can also set rest reminders with schedules through the “Huawei AI Life APP” to prevent children from eye fatigue caused by continuous study.

The app will also generate a report for the lamp use directly on your phone and create a schedule by yourself. That’s not it, the lamp also supports different light modes including reading, writing, screen reading, painting, reading before bed, and low light mode.

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