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Huawei issued new camera patent that detects gestures to adjust viewfinder



Huawei camera patent gestures viewfinder

Huawei has issued a new patent that can detect user’s gestures via the front camera and adjust the viewfinder accordingly. Eventually, it aims to ease the way of capturing images, offering a more efficient experience.

Entitled ‘Photography Method and Electronic Equipment’, the latest Huawei camera patent describes how the new mechanism acknowledges specific gestures to adjust the viewfinder. It records the movements of your hands and captures a cluster of images. Like the ordinary pictures, you can check these shots in the preview section.

On the other hand, the captured images in the preview section appear larger than usual, so you can alter the preview angle and the framing points during the shooting process.

Huawei camera patent gestures viewfinder

To detect these gestures, Huawei applied for a new project – ‘A method and device for sensing’ with file number CN117177289A. From the name, it will help in identifying the user’s hands or palm movements effectively.

Besides, it supports IEEE 802.11ax next-generation WiFi protocols, such as 802.11be, WiFi 7 or EHT, and 802.11be. Regarding work, the first element reports sensing content based on the feedback mode. It further improves the feedback efficiency. Ahead, it transmits the information between first and second measurement entities to manage the relevant operations.

Huawei camera patent gestures viewfinder


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