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Huawei has new face unlock feature patent to more secure authentication



Huawei 3D Face recognition

Huawei recently applied for a face unlock feature patent to provide better facial authentication in smartphones and other 3D face recognition devices.

The patent description reveals that the patent provides an effective architecture and method for secure access to devices by implementing a multi-level authentication mechanism.

The technology includes processing a video clip received from a video recorder having an image of a person attempting to access the device. It determines the identity of the person that matches an entry in a set of allowed identities from the video clip.

In response to the match, storing one or more gaze postures evaluates the gaze posture of the person in the video clip. As a response to the evaluated gaze posture matching the stored gaze posture, the device eventually assigns access to the authentic user.

huawei new face unlock patent

In layman’s terms, this patent ensures that the operator is an authorized user of the device and is making a conscious and voluntary attempt to unlock the phone.

This effectively avoids the security loopholes currently used in face unlocking and further improves the security level of mobile phones. Huawei is using facial recognition in various of its devices from consumer to enterprise services. Therefore, it continues to research such tech to further secure the authentication of the Huawei face unlock system.

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