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Huawei patent reveals improved vehicle camera controls for driving safety



Huawei patent vehicle camera controls

Huawei has recently filed a new patent for improved vehicle camera controls intending to make the driving experience safer. The latest application is entitled ‘Methods, devices, and vehicles for controlling the perspective of vehicle cameras’.

Smart cars usually contain cameras such as front-view, surround-view, rear-view, and side-view. These lenses record the surroundings around your vehicle. For instance, land markings, pedestrians, and other roadside stuff.

However, it becomes difficult to control them while driving. Thinking of these points, Huawei issued a patent application that will enable you to set the viewing angle of the vehicle’s camera at your convenience.

Huawei patent vehicle camera controls

Looking into the details, the new Huawei patent for vehicle camera controls offers a method, a device, and a vehicle to maintain the viewing angle of the car’s camera. Together, this mechanism will provide the real-time driving status of the vehicle so that you may adjust the viewing angle accordingly.

On the other hand, the patent reveals that users can modify and shift the fixed viewing of the car’s camera even when driving. Hence, it will help the driver to maintain better focus on the road and surroundings, improving the overall driving experience.

It is unclear when the patent will come into action. Although we could expect changes in future smart vehicles.

Huawei patent vehicle camera controls


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