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Huawei is the most popular and loyal mobile phone brand in China



How loyal are you to Huawei? New research shows that Huawei has the most loyal and devoted customers in China.

According to Penguin think tank of Tencent’s Internet industry trend research, among the smartphone brands that Internet users prioritize, Huawei ranks first (more than 80%), and Xiaomi and Apple ranked second and third.

At the same time, in terms of brand loyalty, the survey results show that Huawei users have the highest loyalty, reaching 62.2%. Apple second, reaching 50%; Xiaomi third, 49.6%.

According to the same report (via Mydrivers), in the gender comparison, the proportion of women in OPPO and Vivo is about 60%, and the proportion of female Apple user is slightly higher than that of the male. The proportion of male and female in Huawei mobile phones is basically the same, and the male users of Xiaomi are more than 60%.

The proportion of middle-aged and old-age users in Huawei mobile phones is higher; the distribution of Apple and Xiaomi users is more prominent among young and middle-aged people; the users of OPPO and Vivo are younger than 20-29 years old.

Geographically, Apple’s first-tier cities accounted for the highest proportion; Xiaomi’s second-tier cities and Huawei’s third-tier cities were their respective highs; OPPO and Vivo accounted for a higher proportion in low-tier cities.

In addition, the report also found that in 2019, online users generally purchased smartphones in the range of 2001-3000 yuan and 3001-5000 yuan.

Once again, how loyal are you to Huawei? Let us know in the comments below.

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