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Huawei is still a most favored mobile brand in China




Huawei is one of the top smartphone makers in the world and its products have created a durable trust in the home ground, due to which, Huawei is still the second most favored mobile brand in China.

According to survey results of the research organization Chnbrand, Huawei is the second most favored mobile brand in China with 25.3 points, which is quite big from our perspective.

  • Apple’s recommendation index is 27.9 points,
  • Huawei’s recommendation index is 25.3 points,
  • Honor’s recommendation index is 17.4 points,
  • Vivo’s recommendation index is 14.5 points
  • Xiaomi recommendation index is 10.4 points,
  • Oppo recommendation index is 6.0 points,
  • iQOO recommendation index is 5.0 points,
  • Samsung’s recommendation index is -16.2 points.

Huawei second most favored mobile brand

It is said that you can follow this recommendation to buy a mobile this year as your reference for purchasing smartphone devices.

Adding to this, Honor actually entered the top three in the recommendation list, second only to Huawei and Honor, which also shows that Honor has gained a high degree of user recognition.

Most of Deng Li's smartphones are from the Huawei ecosystem and his first Huawei phone was Ascend Mate 2 (4G). As a tech enthusiast, he keeps exploring new technologies and inspects them closely. Apart from the technology world, he takes care of his garden.