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Huawei Home Storage gets new features, adds data sync, performance improvements



Huawei Home Storage

Huawei Home Storage is an innovative device and it’s now getting a brand new lineup of features, which improves its massive chunk of storage. This is quite a surprise for the Huawei Home Storage and it adds new PC sync, fast file share, and optimizes use cases and also performance.

Let’s explore the new features for Huawei Home Storage.

PC and mobile synchronization, multi-device content group viewing anytime, anywhere, one modification, and multi-terminal real-time synchronization.

Huawei Home Storage PC sync new feature

The smart TV can directly view family storage shared files, quickly download and watch movies, and supports synchronous viewing of family-shared albums.

Huawei Home Storage new features smart tv

The storage can now smartly identify new baby photos, and recommend them to be added to the exclusive baby album.

baby photos

The latest update improves the experience of batch operation of photos and solves the problem of low-probability synchronization exceptions. It also supports administrators to delete member account data that has been disabled for 30 days.

Users of the Huawei Home Storage can download the latest software version via the AI life app.

Huawei Home Storage:

Launched last year, Huawei Home Storage is a smart device is the first smart storage system for consumers powered by the HarmonyOS operating system. It comes with a powerful storage solution including 4TB (2TB+2TB), 16TB (8TB+8TB), and other storage options, with a starting price of 2999 yuan.

The storage section includes two SATA III hard disk stocks for additional storage expansion. In addition to two capacity versions of 4TB and 16TB, users can also replace the hard disk by themselves, and the maximum capacity can be increased to 40TB.

According to the specifications, this device brings a 2.5GE network port and the data transfer rate is over 250 Mbps supported by USB 3.0 interface.

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