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Huawei is not under control of the Chinese government, says Executive



Spying accusations on Huawei has already become an issue in many countries and some of the secret agencies has already claimed that the Chinese firm is controlled by the state-run government, as recently a Huawei executive said it’s not true.

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Huawei’ Vice President of Western Europe, Tim Watkins said on Tuesday, that Huawei is a private company that is not controlled by the Chinese government and would refuse to hand over information to Beijing, though there’s no such request has been made by China, reported Reuters.

The US intelligence agencies have claimed that Huawei is controlled by the Chinese government to spy on other countries using their network equipment that the company has denied repeatedly on many occasions.

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“There is no obligation on Huwaei’s part to cooperate with the government in the way in which the Americans are indicating,” Tim Watkins

“There is no mandate in (China’s national intelligence) law that we have to have over customer data or intelligence that we do not wish to hand over or we think should be sensitive.”

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