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Huawei Launches “GaussDB”, new AI driven database



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Huawei today, launched its new AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven Database solution, GaussDB in Beijing, that’s expected to lead the company in a direction in terms of an enterprise solutions provider.

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According to Huawei, this AI Native database has two remarkable breakthroughs.

First, GaussDB integrates AI capabilities into the full lifecycle of distributed databases, making their self-O&M, self-tuning, self-diagnosis, and self-healing possible. In online analytical processing (OLAP), online transaction processing (OLTP), and hybrid transaction/analytical processing (HTAP) scenarios, GaussDB uses the optimality theory to create the industry’s first reinforcement learning self-tuning algorithm, improving tuning performance by over 60%.

Secondly, through the heterogeneous computing framework, GaussDB can easily run on any type of computing platforms, including x86, ARM, GPU, and NPU computing. In the TPC-DS benchmark test, GaussDB can deliver 50% higher performance than the industry average.

Huawei also confirmed that GaussDB supports multiple deployment scenarios, including local deployment and deployment on private or public clouds. On HUAWEI CLOUD, GaussDB provides a full spectrum of high-performance data warehouse services for customers in the financial, Internet, logistics, education, and automotive industries.

According to Huawei, Huawei’s GaussDB database and FusionInsight big data solutions have been deployed in 60 countries and regions around the world, serving more than 1,500 customers.

According to Huawei Global Industry Vision (GIV) predicts that global data volume will increase from 32.5 ZB in 2018 to 180 ZB in 2025. Enterprise demand for AI computing power doubles every three months, and AI adoption will rise to 80% by 2025.

It was recently reported that Huawei is planning to take a big step in the enterprise solution business with its upcoming database solution and to take on industry giants includes Oracle, Microsoft, and others.

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