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Huawei, Zhejiang and Jingyou releases New Call Solution



Huawei Call Solution

Huawei, Zhejiang, and Jingyou firms have cooperatively unveiled a new call solution. The latest information reveals that the mentioned technology is standing over the “1+3+N” base and provides the operators with a dynamic audio and video experience.

The release of the new call solution occurred during the Huawei Win-Win Innovation week. Consequently, this is a new addition to the call service control platform. It has the three vital capabilities of intelligent and interactive video calling and helps the operators to introduce multiple advanced services.

A new calling experience is here!

Some of the new services that could build over the new calling solution are outbound video calls, intelligent translation, remote collaboration, and more. Eventually, these functions will prove a big aid for the users leaving for a business trip, individuals with hearing disabilities, and one who requires constant touch with their loved ones.

On the flip side, the technology is capable of enhancing FaceTime and communication skills seamlessly. It also gives significant value to the business and social life.

Huawei Call Solution

Next, Jingyou Technology associated with Huawei to integrate some new concepts of call services. The firm has plans to bring such solutions that can elevate the growth of the insurance business processes. As a result, it implemented mechanisms that will cut off the average loss determination time from 2 hours to 5 minutes.

The President of Huawei Cloud core network product line – Liu Kang defines how the users will connect to an enjoyable environment:

“The audio and video communication will continue to develop in a positive approach. Huawei’s new call solution persists to innovate on the basis of Single Voice Core. Moreover, high-definition, smarter, and interactive features will keep on upgrading the user experience, and gradually move towards 5.5G.”

Ultimately, the new services will provide the users with some new adventures. Moreover, the Chinese tech giant will continue to work with such cooperation for better development in the digital economy.


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