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Huawei introduces a new notebook with Linux OS, preparing to replace Windows?



At the smartphone launch event on September 4 in China, Honor, Huawei’s subsidiary announced Ryzen edition of MagicBook Pro and the company has also announced an early tester version of this Notebook series running on Linux Operating System.

So the question is that the company really planning to change its laptop product operating system from Windows to Linux? And the answer is “Yes it’s Possible”.

Honor MagicBook Pro gets new Ryzen Edition, check specifications and price

In May, the US commerce department added Huawei to the Entity-List that prohibits the Chinese tech giant from accessing US-originated technologies including the use of Windows and Android OS but the reprieve still allowing the company to use for a limited amount of time.

Meanwhile, this step can be taken as a whole new approach to shift from proprietary Windows to open-source Linux.

Although, the company has not switched to Windows immediately because its newly announced Ryzen series variant still has Windows 10 OS on board.

And to get some early tester as well as knowing their suggestions may benefit the company in terms of a complete switch from Windows to Linux soon for both Huawei and Honor laptops.

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