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Huawei improves Nova Y91 with May 2024 EMUI firmware



Huawei Nova Y91 May 2024 firmware

Huawei has begun optimizing the Nova Y91 smartphones’ health with the May 2024 EMUI firmware. The latest software is rolling out in batches in the global market (Europe) and could take some time to cover all eligible units in the region.

Nova Y91 is an excellent cost-effective device. It packs a jumbo 7000mAh cell which is enough to forget all the concerns regarding the battery life of the handset.

And to ensure that the Nova Y91 keeps on running smoothly, Huawei is releasing the May 2024 firmware. The update is arriving with the EMUI version and a downloadable package of 283MB, which you can easily store on the device.

In terms of the changelog, users will only observe the presence of the newly released security patches. Although this is a significant add-on to eliminate any kind of hidden bug or issue in the device. At the same time, it will help in boosting the core system.

Thanks to the tipster –José Lopes for this amazing tip!

Huawei Nova Y91 May 2024 firmware

Huawei Nova Y91 gets May 2024 update (Image Credits: HCNewsroom)

Huawei also serves such treatments to its devices as often these patches work as a baseline build for a major upgrade. Hence we suggest prioritizing the new update and installing it as soon as it appears on the notification panel of your phone.

Before you take the lead, make sure to use a stable Wi-Fi connection to avoid upgrade failure. Also, it is better to take a backup to add an extra layer of safety to your essentials in the device.

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