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Huawei P60 Pro claims EMUI 14.2 update with new security patch



Huawei P60 Pro EMUI 14.2

Huawei is serving the all-new EMUI 14.2 update to the flagship P60 Pro smartphone users. The firmware packs some new enhancements for the respective handsets to breathe a new life and make them even more productive for device owners.

EMUI 14.2 officially showed up with the Pura 70 series, carrying similar functionalities as HarmonyOS 4.2 software. As of now, the company has started distributing the new firmware to its top-end devices and will gradually roll it to more models.

P60 Pro smartphone users in global regions like Latin America and the Middle East are getting the Huawei EMUI 14.2 update with the version. Although you may find changes in terms of software package size, depending on the country.

For changelog, the firmware carries a new security patch released in May 2024. The latest safety improvement ensures wiping out 23 bugs and hidden vulnerabilities of the device system, shielding your essential data from malicious threats.

The inputs also count system stability refinements, making the handset more responsive, fluent, and efficient towards your given operations. To experience the new changes, you should install this update as soon as it shows up on the phone’s screen.

Thanks to the tipster – Cristhian 305 for this wonderful tip!

Huawei P60 Pro EMUI 14.2

EMUI 14.2 update for P60 Pro users (Image Credits: HCNewsroom)

The new EMUI 14.2 update introduces a whole new smart ecosystem and a more efficient interaction experience. It also provides more room for customization. Perhaps, you may find a few interesting features after the installation of the firmware.

Note that the update initially might be reaching users on the beta program and will soon approach the general public. In case you miss the update alert, we suggest keeping an eye on the system settings to grab the newest firmware at the earliest.

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