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Huawei HMS Core 6.0: New Features, Resources and Kits



HMS Core 6.0

On July 15, Huawei launched HMS Core 6.0 with added new features and new open capabilities for the Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) app developers. Huawei has already rolled out the latest HMS Core plugin for devices via AppGallery but there is not much information revealed on this matter.

Now, the Chinese tech maker has also shared the new features and changes that come with HMS Core 6.0. The entire changelog will help developers to boost their creativity and empower the HMS ecosystem even further.

HMS Core 6.0 Details:

New Kits:

3D Modelling Kit

  • Automatically generates a 3D object model or physically based rendering (PBR) texture maps using uploaded images for highly efficient 3C content production. The kit is ideal in scenarios like product showcase and item modeling in a game app.

Audio Editor Kit

  • Offers developers a set of audio editing capabilities to implement functions like basic editing, audio extraction, special effects, and noise reduction. the four formats are supported format conversion and the kit is available in 80 languages.
  • It is available to meet various audio creation demands across scenarios like creating music pieces, podcasting, and dubbing in the background music.

AP Pipeline kit

  • It provides apps in fields like audio and video, social media, e-commerce. and education with multimedia capabilities including video collection, editing, and playback.

Video Editor kit

  • This one provides a wide range of video editing capabilities like video editing, special effects, stickers, and color adjustment. With this kit, your app makes video creation easier than ever for your users in scenarios like vlog making, game commentary, and movie mashups.

5G modem kit

  • It supports a 5G crowd testing, and provides a comprehensive evaluation of 5G cells, with a range of exclusive parameters.

HMS Core

New Features

Ads Kit

  • Added the Huawei Ads SDK, which provides APIs to help your app to monetize your traffic both on Huawei phones and non-Huawei Android devices such as Honor, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, and Samsung.

Analytics kit

  • A new traffic analysis is added to efficiently measure the scale and quality of the paid traffic.
  • A newly added payment analysis helps to boost the payment conversion rate.

AR Engine

  • Added the 3D object recognition and tracking feature. After a 3D model is preset on the 3D object Recognition console, the app can recognize the target object and then add special effects to it. This feature can be widely applied in AR-powered fields like marketing and education.

Computer Graphics Kit:

  • Enhanced the rendering framework performance to support 3D rendering of more models.
  • Added the Sketel Animation plugin to make the motions of game roles look more vivid.
  • Added the Smart Fluid plugin to make created fluid look more realistic.
  • Added the volumetric Fog plugin to render realistic fogs efficiently.
  • Added the Temporal Anti-Aliasing (TAA) plugin which provides the high quality and high-performance anti-aliasing algorithm with lower power consumption.

Scene Kit:

  • Added the rigid body component and 2D fluid simulation SDK. The rigid
    body component supports various collision features.
  • The 2D fluid simulation SDK supports adding or deleting parameters such
    as quantity, color, and transparency. This SDK also supports simulating fluids
    and collisions.
  • Added the particle system which provides the CPU-based particle computing
    function and special effects like the particle effects.
  • Improved the APIs and 3D algorithms for FaceView
  • HMS Core 6.0 New Resources

New Resources

3D Modeling Kit

  • Sample code: Provided hms-3d-modeling-demo. This demo illustrates how to use 3D object reconstruction and material generation.

Audio Editor Kit

  • Sample code: Provided hms-audio-editor-demo. This demo shows how to quickly develop audio editing functions.

AV Pipeline Kit

  • Sample code: Provided hms-av-pipeline demo. The lava demo illustrates how to realize functions like video playback super-resolution during the video playback, and media asset management. The c++ demo shows how to use the sound event detection plugin.

Video Editor Kit

  • Sample code: Provided hms-video-editor-demo. The demo illustrates how to quickly develop video editing functions.

5G Modem kit

  • Sample code: Provided hms-5g-modem-demo. The demo illustrates how to call relevant APIs in 5G Modem Kit to query modem parameters,

Ads Kit

  • Sample code (hms-ads-demo-java, hms-ads-demo-kotiin, and hms-ads-demo-eclipse):
  • Added the Ads SDK, showing how to monetize traffic in the app

Video Kit

  • Sample code: Allowed for the operations of setting log configurations, setting the wake lock status, and updating subtitle information.
  • Supported Androidx library dependencies.
  • Decreased the playback start delay.

Location Kit

  • Sample code: Added a detailed description for using high-precision location
  • Deleted request fields unrelated to high-precision location.

What is HMS Core?

Huawei Mobile Services Core or HMS Core offers a rich array of open device and cloud capabilities, which facilitate efficient development, fast growth, and flexible monetization.

HMS Core helps developers to make groundbreaking innovations, deliver next-level user app user experiences, and make premium content and services broadly accessible.

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