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HMS Core AV Pipeline Kit: A multimedia services solution for Huawei apps



HMS Core 6.0

The latest version of Huawei’s cloud development platform- Huawei HMS Core 6.0 has been recently released with new kits such as a 3D modeling kit, 5G modem kit, audio editor kit, video edition kit, AV Pipeline kit, and so on.

Among them, the company prepared the AV Pipeline kit for Huawei’s multimedia channel services for a more efficient job in terms of multimedia pipeline. It mainly works in four aspects but before discussing them, let’s take a look at what AV Pipeline is.

Huawei defined the AV Pipeline kit as a multimedia pipeline service that executes end-side audio-visual development framework and extension services in HMS core. Its application mainly covers the following three works-

  • Multimedia development framework and cross-platform
  • High-performance multimedia processing capabilities
  • Custom plug-ins and custom pipelines support

Huawei HMS AV Pipeline

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There are three main perspectives behind introducing the AV Pipeline kit. First, it’ll help in business enlargement. Second, the applications are focused on marketing competitiveness. And, it’ll overcome the deficiency of multimedia services covering audio-visual, social networking, and e-commerce.

Furthermore, the HMS Core AV Pipeline Kit also has a harmonious library of media functions that includes the basic playback, media asset control, custom pipelines classifications, and so on. It focused on simplifying the development in the audio-video streaming field, and expand their application areas.

Below you can check four aspects we talked about earlier-

  1. Play: It provides basic functions for audio-video playbacks, advanced media processing, and analysis capabilities, video partitioned, sound effect apprehension, etc
  2. Media Asset Management: It can read all the properties of a media file and analyze them for further utilization
  3. Custom Plug-ins or extension services: It offers a standard plug-in interface, so the developer can encapsulate their own extensions over this, and automatically load frame
  4. Custom Pipeline Arrangements: It provides support for various audio and video processing pipeline arrangement files

Huawei HMS AV Pipeline

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