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Huawei hires two more ‘Genius Boys’ through its recruitment program



Huawei hires two more employees for 'Genius Boys' recruitment plan

Recently, Huawei has organized a “Genius Youth Program” for the recruitment of Genius employees. The company achieved its goal in the event by hiring two of the Genius boys. These candidates are doctoral graduates from the Telecommunications Department of the Xi’an Jiaotong University.

The recruitment plan of Huawei for Genius employees has been in the tech environment for a long while. Earlier, the company hired a doctoral graduate from Fudan University for its Genius bar. Now the official WeChat webpage of the firm highlights the launch of a new round for the Genius employees.

Eligibility Criteria

Although the recruitment plan for the Genius employees does not demand any specific origin or institute to graduate from. Neither the company limits the qualifications. But it asks the applicants to meet some major points for the tech sector.

Huawei hires two more employees for 'Genius Boys' recruitment plan

According to the latest news, interested candidates must fulfill some requirements to become the Genius employees of the Chinese firm. For instance, the applicant must have special achievements in mathematics, computers, physics, intelligent manufacturing, chemistry, and other technology-related fields.

Employees Benefits

According to the recruitment schedule, Huawei offers world-class challenging topics, Daniel consultants, global vision, platforms, and resources. Apart from the virtues, the most tempting benefit is the in-hand amount that goes 5 times the salary.

The report further states that the salary of the “Genius employees” will be in motion according to the annual salary system. There are three grades, and the maximum salary is 2.01 million yuan.

The Chinese firm has informed sometime in the past that it is focusing to hire a maximum of 26,000 freshers in 2020-2021. Out of these numbers, at least 300 will take the position of Genius bar at the company. This year, the company aims to cover more than 10,000 fresh faces.


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