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Huawei Health app reaches 400 million global users



Huawei Health app is the ultimate destination for users and at Huawei Developer Conference (HDC) 2022, Huawei confirmed that the mobile app now has over 400 million global users.

According to the data, the Huawei Health app now has 97 million monthly active users, 13 million users that are tracking sports activity, 16 million using it for sleep, and 26 million users for health.

huawei health app 400 million

Huawei also announced the TruSport kit, which is a scientific sports system developed by Huawei. Based on the data detection capabilities of sports equipment, it creates a variety of sports evaluation models to provide users with sports solutions.

Huawei confirmed that the Health app is aimed at typical scenarios such as enjoying sports, maintaining body shape, and improving sleep, and creates a deeply integrated digital experience with developers and ecosystem partners.

The mark of 400 million global users reflects the success of the Huawei Health app, which continues to grow in various aspects.

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