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Huawei Pay monthly active users surpass 100 million



Huawei Pay users

Huawei Pay is one of the best payment applications offered by the Chinese company to its users. So far, the app comes with a bundle of features that brings convenience to the consumers while applying for an online transaction. Consequently, these thoughtful features of the app resulted in 100 million monthly active users.

100 Million! Yes, you’ve heard right. Huawei Pay is seamlessly showing great results among individuals. The payment service has become much better in recent times. As an outcome, the application was able to retain 100 million monthly active users.

On the other hand, the company is trying to make the app better in the upcoming days. Ultimately, the Chinese manufacturer is trying to explore more scenarios of the HarmonyOS interface with Huawei Pay. Thus, users might see some new and interesting tweaks to the application in the time ahead.

President’s words over App success!

Seeing the growth and evolution of the respective app, the President of Huawei terminal cloud service payment business, Ma Chuanyong said the following statement:

“Huawei Pay is not trying to compete with Alipay and WeChat Pay, they are still Huawei’s partners. Huawei Pay is to open up new payment scenarios, and will explore more scenarios based on the HarmonyOS.”

As of now, the payment app has been spotted on the homepage of Huawei Wallet. Further, the app is supporting more than 160 banks, giving equal rights and benefits to online transactions.

Huawei Pay users

Huawei Pay App

Huawei Pay is a well-known payment application among users. It is a safe and secure online payment service that brings the ease of doing online dealings without getting stressed about the cash or payment machines.

The users who are using the Huawei Wallet will only be able to take the advantage of the Huawei Pay app. This is so because the management portal of Huawei Pay offers some specific services that mainly require the Wallet application. For instance, checking balance, bank card payments, red envelopes, recharge, cash withdrawal, and more.


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