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Huawei launches ‘HarmonyOS World’ concept with 8 major techs and five scenarios



huawei harmonyos world

Today is the Huawei Developer Conference 2022, and the Chinese tech maker is serving healthy the developer and consumers, of which, the company launched the “HarmonyOS World” concept.

According to Huawei Consumer BG Chief, Richard Yu, HarmonyOS World is based on five scenarios and several innovative technologies. The concept is unique but it’s all about the interconnected technologies and their power to control our environment to make your life easy and comfortable.

HarmonyOS Connect is a great example and envisions Huawei’s success in the third party operating system software that could run even the slightest part of our daily use gadgets.

The progress of HarmonyOS software for mobile devices has taken immense success among consumers and the records now show that the mobile operating system has exceeded 320 million installations, a major milestone for any operating system in the industry.

Yu said, 2022 marks a big year for HarmonyOS, and HarmonyOS 3 will step further into these five technologies. As the operating system will continue to evolve with a new ecosystem in the future.

Talking specifically, these technologies count for a total of 8 including, distributed systems, AI, Atomic services, graphics rendering, full link development kit, and more.

Furthermore, HarmonyOS is a part of Huawei’s 1+8 smart devices equipment strategy, as of now, all of the Huawei devices merged support for HM OS to adapt new features.

Aside from HarmonyOS, HarmonyOS Connect, and OpenHarmony, Yu specially mentioned that HMS Core has emerged as a great capability for Huawei smartphones to provide a new user experience in all scenarios.

huawei harmonyos world

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