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Huawei HarmonySpace Launched: A sub-brand of smart HarmonyOS car cockpit



Huawei HarmonySpace

On December 21, Huawei hosted Smart Car Solution Ecological Conference 2021 and launched the sub-brand of HarmonyOS powered smart car cockpit system – HarmonySpace. Also, the company reveals HarmonyOS application and hardware ecosystem collaboration strategy with the theme “Openness and Inclusiveness, Gathering the Crowd and Going Far”.

It also proposes a development strategy of “hardware modularization, interface standardization, and system platformization” to build an open and win-win HarmonyOS smart cockpit ecosystem with ecological partners.

Based on the vision of integrating cockpits into the ubiquitous smart world, Huawei has created a cockpit sub-brand that stands for Internet of Everything – HarmonySpace. Let the cockpit be not just a cockpit, but a mobile travel space that connects everything is constantly on the move and is intelligent.

Huawei HarmonySpace

“We have given this sub-brand a special name ‘Space’. S comes from Suraksha, which means comfort and safety. P comes from Personalization, which means personalization and exclusivity. We hope it is truly multi-faceted is and can be a space. Each member of the team brings the most unique and intelligent experience.


A comes from all scenarios, which means full view. We have given it the ability to break the boundaries of space so that different operating systems and Smart devices from different scenes can be connected to create a human feel. The perfect integration of the three comes from the “car, car, and home” scenario.

C – Connect, which means that users can easily enjoy the intelligent travel experience of the Internet of Everything Can enjoy. E comes from Emotion, which means Emotion.

We believe to have a really smart cockpit. Emotions must be there. Yes, I can understand what you need already and what do you think about it, can think in it.” Huawei explained, “The space represents all the features we think are really I am a smart thing. The mind should be in the cockpit.

“Based on HarmonySpace, we have focused on manufacturing a range of products. High computing power car modules, HarmonyOS car operating systems, immersive Huawei sound audio systems, and display devices such as car smart screens and AR-HUDs.


This space further is born “we will work with our software and hardware partners to incubate a richer and more intelligent cockpit experience. We will create a highly intelligent and interconnected Hongmeng space for users.”

According to the information, around the HarmonyOS vehicle operating system, Huawei uses the following three methods to build a smart cockpit application ecosystem of ‘rich applications, diverse experiences, and frequently used new frequently’.

First, for high-frequency applications in the car domain, Huawei and its partners have made deep optimizations based on HarmonyOS car domain features and capabilities to create HarmonyOS premium applications.

Secondly, based on Huawei’s 1+8 full-view ecological capabilities, mobile phones, tablets, and smart large-screen applications can be seamlessly inherited on the car.


Huawei HarmonySpace

For long-tail applications that are frequently used, the HarmonyOS vehicle operating system also provides mobile phone screen projection capabilities to meet the diverse experience needs of users.

To help application partners rapidly develop applications on HarmonyOS, Huawei has developed nine types of vehicle enhancement capabilities and opened more than 14,500 HarmonyOS basic and vehicle domain incremental feature APIs.

At the same time, it provides comprehensive development tools and technical support, reduces the difficulty of software application integration and development, and brings the rich life experience of users and vehicles to the end-users.

With the rich API capabilities provided by the HarmonyOS Smart Cockpit, the Himalaya App has created a diverse in-vehicle experience. With the blessing of the Seamless Circulation Kit, the public version of the Himalaya app has realized HarmonyOS multi-terminal device content synchronization and non-sense switching.


The intelligent and diverse experience of the cockpit is inseparable from the support of peripheral hardware. For this reason, Huawei has discussed requirements with several car-domain hardware peripheral partners and application partners such as seats, holographic screens, and car sky screens combined testing and mounting the cockpit together.

New hardware technology on the car. As of 2021, over 50 cockpit hardware partners have joined the HarmonyOS in-vehicle hardware ecosystem to jointly develop features, services, and innovative experiences that meet the needs of users.

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Huawei MatePad Pro 12.6 November 2022 update rolling out in Europe



huawei matepad 12.6 november 2022 update europe

A few days ago, Huawei began to roll out the November 2022 update for the MatePad Pro 12.6 tablets, and now it’s expanding in Europe. It’s a beneficial update with a bunch of security tweaks for the device.

November 2022 security patch holds a huge package of fixes and improvements. It ends more than 40 security threats and exploits in the system and strengthens the device against harmful bugs and malware.

Hence, we recommend you install the update once it appears on the notification shade. Eventually, Huawei MatePad Pro 12.6 users in Europe can identify the November 2022 update with HarmonyOS build number.

In case you cannot get this update onboard, then don’t worry. You can lean into the update section to obtain the latest firmware for your respective tablet.


Just head to the Settings application. Further, select System & Updates followed by Software Updates. Now follow the on-screen instructions carefully. To the available version, tap on the Download and Install button.

Update Instructions:

It’s quite easy to check for new updates. However, make sure of the following norms before conducting the installation procedure:

  • Your tablet must have a storage space of 227MB
  • A strong WiFi/mobile data connection is required for a buffer-free download of the package.
  • Take a backup of your important data beforehand
  • Do not forcefully turn off the tablet, once the installation is started

Huawei HarmonyOS is better than Apple!

Yes, that’s right! Huawei’s self-developed operating system – Harmony is far better than Apple’s. Comparatively, HarmonyOS serves many gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, smart TVs, smart cars, and more.

Meanwhile, Apple uses a separate operating system for every smart device. For instance, iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and so on. This shows that HarmonyOS is quite efficient and is easily compatible with a variety of gadgets.

Moreover, Huawei is constantly making efforts to make the respective operating system bigger than Android and iOS. And it seems like we don’t have to wait much to catch such changes in the HarmonyOS ecosystem.


Editor’s Choice: Huawei uses HarmonyOS for different devices as compared to Apple

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Huawei Sound Joy smart speaker improves system stability with new update



Huawei sound joy uk launched

Huawei Sound Joy is receiving a new update with stability improvements globally. Besides, the latest firmware brings a handful of fixes to the known issues and security exploits in the device system.

According to the input revealings, the Huawei Sound Joy stability improvements update is rolling out with HarmonyOS (H100SP29C00). Notably, the update is approaching via OTA and may take 2-3 days to reach all users.

Speaking of the changelog, the fresh firmware mainly aims to improve the stability aspects of the device. It optimizes the functioning and makes the internal system reliant and more durable.

On the flip side, the update resolves some irritating issues that have been affecting the performance of the smart speaker for a long time. As a result, this firmware installation will enhance the overall user experience.


Hence, if you are a Huawei Sound Joy owner, we recommend installing this update as soon as it appears on the notification panel.

Full Changelog:

  • Build Number: HarmonyOS


  • Improved device stability
  • Fixed some known issues

Points to Remember:

You can install the update by navigating to the Huawei AI Life App on your smartphone. Further, tap on the Sound Joy card and then Firmware Updates. However, before heading for the downloading steps, take the following measures:

  • Battery level should be above 20%
  • The Bluetooth connection between your phone and speakers must be stable
  • In case the installation fails, try again

Huawei Sound Joy

Huawei Sound Joy is the ultimate pack of immersive audio quality. It is Huawei’s first portable speaker with Devialet technology and exhibits a four-speaker unit system.

In terms of layout, the device holds a cylindrical structure with 202 mm height, and 73 mm diameter, and weighs up to 680 grams. It also supports Bluetooth 5.2 and high-end audio codecs such as AAC and SBC.

The speakers pack a huge battery of 8800mAh and offer a playback time of 26 hours. Besides, it bears a 40W fast charger that can charge the device in just 10 minutes.


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Broadcom BK7235 processor combines with OpenHarmony



OpenHarmony Broadcom BK7235 processor

Broadcom Integration Group recently launched a new BK7235 high-end processor and merged it with the OpenHarmony operating system. The chipset aims to enhance IoT connectivity and bring new improvements in the security aspects.

OpenHarmony is well-known for its compatible connections as well as all-scenario operations. It contains an advanced and tech-pack connectivity system that can support all smart devices effectively.

And to make these connections more reliable, Broadcom group has integrated a BK7235 processor in the OpenHarmony framework. Accordingly, it will facilitate the operating system with rich storage and a robust security structure.

On the other hand, it can provide numerous immediate options for commercial purposes. For instance, lightweight audio quality, new upgrades for functions, controlling management, and more.


Let’s understand the high-end BK7235 processor in detail.

BK7235 MCU Chipset – Two Versions

Broadcom BK7235 chip is an MCU (micro-controller unit). It has two variants: single-core and dual-core. The single-core chip installs a 656KB RAM and supports 26 GPIOs (General Purpose Input/Output), and a 5V direct power supply. It is appropriate for 5V smart home gadgets.

Meanwhile, the BK7235 dual-core version packs 800KB RAM and a high-speed 8MB Dynamic RAM (DRAM). Further, it supports single and multiple cloud connections, 48 GPIOs, dual microphones, a CIS camera, 16-bit LCD, and significant coding functions.

BK7235 processor – efficiency

Both versions use a self-developed security infrastructure to offer tough security protection for the entire operating system. Aside from the regular security components, the processor also equips the powerful P-384 encryption protocol to access verified algorithms.


It’s worth mentioning that the respective chipset has also qualified for the PSA level 1 safety certification. Hence, it will make useful changes in the OpenHarmony operating system.

Moreover, the processor easily operates and manages common, commercial, and authorized passwords. For instance AES, RSA, ECC, SM2, SM3, SM4, and more. Together, these qualities will help in providing efficient security protection to the IoT and other network devices.

In addition to the magnificent safety functions, the BK7235 chip is eligible for Wi-Fi 6, and Bluetooth 5.2, and supports various third-party network connections. Hence, the chipset could prove a beneficial implementation for the OpenHarmony community.

OpenHarmony Broadcom BK7235 processor


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