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Huawei P30 HarmonyOS users are facing NetEase music streaming feature issue



Huawei p30 netease issue harmonyOS

Netease is a popular Chinese app that brings a bunch of music play tracks to users on their smartphone with the power of cloud technology and provides you seamless music listening to user experience. Recently, Huawei P30 smartphone owners in China with Netease started facing an issue with his HarmonyOS powered device.

According to the users who reported this issue on the Huawei forum, the Netease app on HarmonyOS equipped Huawei P30 has been showing a connection issue while connecting the phone to another device.

The user further reports that whenever he tries to load the music streaming feature on the Huawei MatePad 11 tablet, the feature keeps on stopping or shows a time-out error. Thereafter, the app cannot fetch the current soundtrack on another device from a smartphone.

Huawei p30 netease issue harmonyOS

There are some users who’ve jumped into the conversation but none of them has been facing such an issue on this matter. On the other side, Netease music support has not shown any sign of resolving either.

Currently, we don’t know such an issue has occurred in the scenario but it could be generated by random smartphone shutdown or a bad WiFi connection.

NetEase and HarmonyOS:

NetEase Cloud Music is a music streaming platform with more than 800 million active users. It’s first debuted in April 2013 and offers playlist downloading for free. At present, it has upgraded to the 8.6.00 version to install various features compared to the other applications of this genre.

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(Source – Huawei)

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