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Huawei HarmonyOS 4 features changelog



HarmonyOS 4

Huawei is rolling out HarmonyOS 4 public beta for 34 devices including smartphones and tablet devices. We’ve already filled out the HarmonyOS 4 section with all of the action and it’s time that we also look at its changelog. Let’s dive into this information without any delay.

Personal theme:

Brand-new personalized themes, providing rich theme templates and stylized layout design. For example, the theme of the user of art supports one-click cutout, and can freely shape the image of the “user” with the background of artistic texture. It also supports icon color selection and is easy to play with the personalized home screen.

Interactive theme:

Interesting mood theme, rich and vivid Emoji expression system combined with mood, creating exclusive mood wallpaper, the expression “Little Soybean” on the wallpaper has a soft pressure-sensitive visual dynamic effect, making the home screen and lock screen full of fun.

Panoramic weather theme, real-time perception of weather changes, vividly presenting the real world’s cloudy, sunny, rainy, and snowy on the screen, combined with gravity sensing, it will also vividly display the different visual effects of the weather under looking down, looking up, and looking up, bringing an immersive experience Interactive Experience.

Live window:

Immediately grasp the latest progress of the task, from turning off the screen, and locking the screen to unlocking and presenting it in a timely manner. It is resident in the upper left corner of the home screen, which is intuitive and convenient. Click to expand more information.

Notification Center:

The notification messages are clustered and partitioned, sorted reasonably according to importance, and the notifications of the same application are aggregated into dynamic cards, folded, and presented, the information structure is more refreshing, and the priority is clear at a glance.


Break down the barriers of applications, identify text and pictures by pressing with two fingers, long press and select them, and quickly drag them into the SuperHub for temporary storage, preview, and batch sharing, making content collection and cross-terminal sharing more efficient and convenient.

Ark Engine:

The Ark engine has been fully evolved to bring you a silky smooth experience.

Application Control Center:

The card-based design is more visible and convenient, proactively controls risky applications, restricts access to sensitive permissions, hides real user data, restricts the use of system capabilities, and creates a pure application operating environment.

Application Tracking Management:

The privacy center supports application tracking activities to be refined to specific applications, and you can turn off the tracking ability of specified applications.

Children’s Remote Guardian:

Through the family sharing function of the HUAWEI ID, you can view the location of multiple devices of your child, and pay attention to the safety of your child in real-time. Finely control the duration of device use, and support multiple parents to jointly protect children’s health and use the device.

Elderly Care:

Optimize the enlarged display effect, add the harassment interception setting function, support the third-party application care mode to open the linkage, and provide the elders with a simpler and safer computer environment.


  • Due to version restrictions, please upgrade to version or first, otherwise, you will not receive version push.
  • During the Beta test, please enable the user experience improvement plan switch (path: Settings-System and Update-User Experience Improvement Plan), which is convenient for developers to conduct system and application analysis, fault diagnosis, and more.
  • This update will not delete your data, but it is still recommended that you back up all important data to your PC or cloud before upgrading, and confirm that the backup content is complete and valid. Otherwise, there may be a risk of data loss.
  • Some third-party applications may not be compatible with HarmonyOS, the third-party application may not work properly after the update. It is recommended that you try to update the application to the latest version in Huawei AppGallery.
  • After the upgrade, the device may experience heat generation, fast power consumption, or lag. This is because after the upgrade is completed, the system will have a series of optimization actions running in the background. At this time, the device load is high, which will increase some power consumption. There may be a freeze when using the app. It is recommended that you charge it for 1 hour in your spare time or use it normally for 2-3 days, and it will recover by itself.
  • This update needs to free up 8GB of data space, and the installation package will be automatically deleted after the update without taking up storage space.

To be mentioned, HarmonyOS 4 changelog only mentions the top and key features but there’s more that you can explore inside the device once the update is installed.

HarmonyOS 4

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