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Huawei GaussDB secures first rank in 2023 Chinese Financial-Grade Database market report



Huawei GaussDB first Chinese Database market

Huawei Cloud GaussDB has ranked first in the 2023 Chinese Database Market. According to the details, this distributed database has obtained decent scores in both the growth and innovation index for its excellent performance.

The Sullivan and Leopard Research Institute recently published the 2023 Chinese financial-grade database market report, in which Huawei Cloud GaussDB is standing at the top in the listing and has become the top choice of customers in finance, transportation, and governmental aspects.

GaussDB is a native cloud service based on the converged database. It is compatible with the standard ANSI SQL 99 and SQL 2003 ecosystem and provides responsive solutions for PB-level big data analysis on various platforms.

On the other hand, the core structure of the Huawei Cloud GaussDB is 100% flexible and self-reliant. It brings several benefits such as high availability of data, powerful security, high performance, better elasticity, and high intelligence.

Huawei GaussDB first Chinese Database market

Huawei has made its distributed database in such a manner that it can fulfill the majority of business requirements. The product can also assist digital upgrades in financial sectors. Up to this point, more than 50 finance operators picked GausDB as their favorite choice.

Eventually, Huawei aims to strengthen tech innovation with the help of the Cloud GaussDB database and support digital transformation. The firm will continue to invest in such products and gradually shift them to the global market for efficient business growth worldwide.


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