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Huawei Cloud and Hong Kong Cyberport ties up to promote AI development



Huawei Cloud Cyberport AI development

Huawei Cloud has tied up with the Hong Kong Cyberport firm and signed a memorandum of cooperation to promote AI development in the region. The association also aims to boost innovation and cloud tech, bringing efficient services for users.

As per the information, both parties will involve in the major development of AI and the Web3 cloud platform. This activity will further lead to a powerful infrastructure for local enterprises and small companies.

On the flip side, Huawei Cloud and Hong Kong Cyberport believe that AI development will also help in encouraging transformation for enterprises, cultivating new talents, as well as raising industrial growth in the respective region.

The Chinese tech giant also considering the unveiling of the new Ascend AI cloud service in Hong Kong, which will ultimately offer large-scale local data center nodes under cost-effective and highly efficient computing power facilities.

Huawei Cloud Cyberport AI development

Apart from boosting the AI segment, Huawei Cloud and Cyberport will look after the progress of advanced technologies in smart cities, retail services, financial sectors, and other important departments. These steps will help in setting up leading tech firms and global centers in Hong Kong.

The President of Huawei Cloud Global Marketing and Sales Services – Shi Jilin described the common goals of both parties. The first and foremost is the build-up of AI and the Web3 platform. Whereas, others are digital transformation and innovation.

Jilin mentioned that Huawei will continue to promote digital practices for its partners which will contribute to the industrial growth.

“Huawei Cloud has long been committed to promoting AI, the application of advanced technologies such as Web3 accelerates the digitalization process of the industry. In this cooperation with Cyberport, Huawei Cloud will continue to invest in the construction of digital infrastructure in Hong Kong and jointly cultivate localized industrial clusters with Cyberport.”


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