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Huawei Cloud announces ‘Two 100s’ plan for business expansion in Europe



Huawei Cloud Two 100s plan Europe

Huawei Cloud recently held the China-Europe Leadership event where the tech giant launched a ‘Two 100s’ plan to expand its Chinese business in the region. The company took this step to make relations between China and Europe more firm and offer better facilities to consumers.

Speaking of the Huawei Cloud ‘Two 100s’ plan for Europe, the strategy aims to encourage 100 Chinese enterprises and 100 software partners to claim space in the European market. The action further involves security support, specialized provisions, cloud migration, and application migration.

Huawei Cloud security compliance is quite powerful and has received more than 130 global certifications. It is specifically based on global operations and works proficiently.

Huawei Cloud Two 100s plan Europe

On the flip side, the Huawei Cloud infrastructure – KooVerse boosts the latency power up to 50ms. Areas with over 110 stable cloud services can benefit from the KooVerse infrastructure in terms of digital transformation.

Huawei highlighted the significance of Europe and mentioned that the company has opened around 20 research firms in the region. These establishments aim to bring advancement and innovation in Europe’s digital journey. Besides, the tech maker will continue to flourish its investment in digital and eco-friendly plans for Europe.

With the Two 100s plan, the company is looking forward to strengthening its core business in Europe and providing more productive cloud services with the goodness of better security and digitalization.


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