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Huawei FTTR all-optical WiFi solution increases whole house downlink broadband 1G network by 90%




Huawei and China Telecom Yiwu Branch cooperatively launched the FTTR all-optical WiFi solution interchange on the inauguration event of the world’s first “FTTR Net Red Live Broadcast Demonstration Base.

At the ceremony, the vice president of Huawei’s access network product line, Yi Xilin, commented that the FTTR all-optical Wi-Fi solution released this time realizes the real Gigabit Wi-Fi in the whole house with all-fiber networking Coverage and high-quality business carrying is a brand-new upgrade to 1000M bandwidth.

This new FTTR all-optical networking solution is good enough to enhance the speed by 90% and reduce the delay by more than 30% in comparison with the common Wi-Fi networking model. This solution covers the entire house area with the Gigabit WiFi network.

This solution works in four main aspects including the following-

  • Ultra-gigabit bandwidth access to the room
  • Seamless roaming with zero stalls
  • Fast plug-and-play deployment
  • More efficient intelligent operation and maintenance

In this line, Tao Jianfei, deputy general superintendent of the Yiwu branch stated that the customary household broadband reaches the 500-600 megabits of download link rate while the present all-optical WiFi network speed is identified to works on 1G approximately.

Furthermore, this new FTTR all-optical WiFi solution is designed in a way, which is really convenient to installs in one’s house. A user just has to make a call to the respective staff and the work is done within hours. Adding to this is can be used for pipe-through construction or open-wire construction by perforating robots.

Price Details:

  • An assemblage of equipment is about 3,000 Yuan (As informed by on-site workers)

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