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Huawei AppGallery Connect releases Servers Services for easy app development



Huawei AppGallery

Recently, Huawei AppGallery Connect rolled out a series of serverless services, including Auth Service, Cloud DB, Cloud Functions, Cloud Storage, and Cloud Hosting, allowing developers to focus on app innovation with easier app development and O&M. Huawei AppGallery Connect, a one-stop service platform for apps, is keen to promote the use of serverless technologies in the innovation of the app ecosystem.

Auth Service enables developers to quickly build a user authentication system with lower costs by providing a pre-built hosted authentication system. It provides SDKs for different platforms, allowing users to sign in to your app using their mobile number, email address, or Huawei ID, or mainstream third-party accounts such as Facebook and Twitter for a smooth sign-in experience.

Cloud Functions helps to quickly build app backend services. It allows you to run code without having to manage any servers. With the help of Cloud Functions, development and testing are carried out by function, so that you can focus on service logic development, and it also helps to simplify O&M and allocate resources properly.

Huawei AppGallery

Cloud DB, a scalable serverless database, offers secure and reliable data management services. It provides easy-to-use cloud and device SDKs. And it makes sure that data can be automatically synchronized between different devices for you to use Cloud DB for quickly developing secure and reliable apps.

Cloud Storage allows you to store high volumes of data such as images, audio, and videos generated by your users securely and economically. It provides device and cloud SDKs. You do not need to set up servers or make content delivery network (CDN) configurations, and O&M can be completed automatically.

Cloud Hosting provides one-stop hosting capabilities, which allow websites to be published quickly. This means that you can provide your users with access to web apps without needing to deploy any cloud servers. With Cloud Hosting, you can just focus on the building of service logic instead of having to pay attention to deployment details over the cloud.

In conclusion, Huawei AppGallery Connect Serverless Services have the following characteristics:

  1. Pay-as-you-go mode
  2. O&M-free services
  3. Fast rollout capability

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