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Huawei files for new patent to obtain business KPIs corresponding to each application business




Huawei published a new patent called ‘Methods for Obtaining Business KPIs and Network Equipment. The patent was filed on August 24 with publication number CN11331589A.

According to the patent description, the network equipment can use the application to serve as the statical details to obtain the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) corresponding to each application. The KPI can provide the network performance requirements which are required by the application service and then the network equipment.

The wireless network is then optimized as per the KPIs of several application services, in order to meet the needs of different application services. This patent also describes the method for obtaining the KPIs and network equipment.

Huawei KPIs patent

This method includes:

  • The network equipment gets the service identification ID of the user’s equipment.
  • The service ID can be used to indicate the type of application service of the user equipment.
  • The network device then identified the key performance indicator corresponding to the application service according to the service ID.
  • The network device can determine the KPI of the application service according to the KPI type and the service ID.

Huawei’s new Bluetooth technology patent gets authorized

Huawei has recently filed for a patent related to Bluetooth technology. It reveals a method that can be used for finding objects using Bluetooth. As per the info, this patent increases the probability of finding Bluetooth objects and saves search resources.

According to the patent abstract, this method involves a number of stages and uses location information to find nearby objects. However, it is just a patent on paper and has not yet entered the development stage. Know more about this patent here.


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