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Huawei R&D investment increased by 9 times in the last 10 years: Report



Huawei Yu Chengdong high-tech talents

Huawei’s research and development segment has become much active than any other OEM, especially after the US sanction. The company keeps on evaluating different innovating technologies, in order to make new technological breakthroughs.

According to NikkeiAsia, Huawei’s R&D investment has increased by 9 times as compared to 10 years ago. The data shows, Huawei’s R&D investment has reached 141.8 billion yuan in the fiscal year 2020, which is around 9 times than previous.

The Chinese tech giant was excluded from the top 5 in the global smartphone market due to the US sanctions. In this meantime, the company has increased its R&D capabilities, artificial intelligence (AI), and automotive-related new sectors to achieve its pace back.

Huawei says that more than 10% of operating income is used for research and development. However, this investment was increased to 15.9% in the 2020 fiscal year. This was higher than other OEMs such as Apple’s 6.8% and Samsung’s 8.9%.

Huawei R&D

Furthermore, this proportion has surpassed 20% from January to June 2021. The continuous increase in R&D shows the company’s struggle in the market.

Huawei believes that its consumer business will survive and it has no plans to abandon its mobile phone business. At the same time, the Chinese tech giant has completely vanished from the plan of building cars and stay with its existing business.

Moreover, Huawei will help the other car makers to build high-quality and efficient cars by contributing through its smart car solutions.

Huawei gets US license for automobile chipsets

Huawei can now purchase chipsets from the United States for its automobile business. The US government has approved the licenses authorizing the suppliers to sell the chipsets to Huawei for vehicle components such as video screens and sensors.

This comes as a piece of big news for the Chinese tech giant that will further give it the advantage to enhance its smart car solutions. Although the company has not yet replied on this matter. Read the full report here

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