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Huawei does not build cars confirmed Wang Jun (Huawei Smart Car BU COO)



ArcFox Alpha S Huawei Hi

Earlier, Huawei has several times denied that Huawei doesn’t build its own car. However, the Huawei executive previously mentioned that the company’s focus is on spare part technology to help OEMs to produce good cars.

On January 20, at the 17th Super Car Conference of “Intelligent Driving Carbon New” Li Yizhong, former Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and President of the China Federation of Industrial Economics delivered the speech.

During the conference, Wang Jun, Huawei’s smart car solution BU COO again denies that Huawei does not build cars. He also added that our core is to help companies build good cars.

 “Otherwise, it would be impossible for me to sit here today and discuss these topics with President Liu Yu.” said Wang Jun

The guests who attend this conference are former Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Kong Lei, Huawei’s Wang Jun, China Automobile Association, BAIC’s Liu Yu, Baidu, and more.

However, Huawei has reached in-depth cooperation with BAIC, Changan, and GAC automobile brands. But, in the future, there will not be too much such cooperation, because this kind of cooperation consumes a lot of Huawei’s resources.

Huawei cars Wang Jun

Currently, Huawei still hopes to focus on these car companies that have already cooperated and supported their car manufacturing. Furthermore, Wang Jun believes that Huawei’s entry into the smart vehicle spare parts industry is a huge opportunity for Huawei based on 30 years of accumulated ICT technology.

In addition, Liu Yu, deputy general manager of BAIC Group and president of BAIC Blue Valley, said that some users have already received the Alpha S Huawei HI version, and they are helping this car in testing. However, during the auto show, the new car is expected to be launched in Beijing in April this year.

As per Liu Yu, it is now easier to build a new electric vehicle with a cruising range of 600–700 km, and the charging piles and other ancillary facilities are already very substantial. Quickly enter the blowout period. “If there are no impacts such as chip and battery shortages, sales of new energy vehicles will exceed 6 million units in 2022.”

In April 2022, BAIC pure electric vehicle brand ARCFOX launched the Alpha S, an intelligent luxury pure electric car. The car will also offer a high-end variant of Huawei’s HI variant.

The HI version 3 is equipped with lidar and multiple sensors, which can realize autonomous driving in cities, starting from 429,900 Yuan. Earlier it was announced that it will be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2021.

The Extreme Fox Alpha S is equipped with HarmonyOS smart cockpit that features a 21.69-inch integrated ultra-clear large screen that supports 3840 x 720 resolution and 180PPI display accuracy. The cockpit of the car is equipped with a Kirin 990A chip, which has 3.5TOPs of computing power and supports a 5G network connection and more.

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