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Huawei Devices CEO to get more time to focus on smartphone business with growing sales



Huawei Consumer Business CEO, Yu Chengdong with Smartphone

Huawei is shifting gears for the smartphone business and the report reveals that the company is preparing to give more time to Huawei Consumers Business Group (CBG) CEO, Yu Chengdong to focus on new devices.

According to Chinese media, Huawei has reshuffled its management for Smart Car Solution. Alongside his responsibility as CBG chief, Yu Chengdong also operates as CEO of Smart Car Business Solution.

The report suggests that Yu Chengdong will be promoted as Chairman of Smart Car BU. The new CEO of the Smart Car business will be Jin Yuzhi AKA Richard Jin.

Jin is currently serving as Vice President of Huawei and President of the Optical Business Product Line. Huawei’s optical product line is also called Huawei’s optical transmission and access product line, which covers multiple fields such as optical transmission, optical access, and optical applications.

Yu chengdong Huawei

Under Yu Chengdong’s leadership, Huawei established itself as a major player in the smart car solution field. The company also achieved deals with major car makers in a short amount of time.

The recent launch of the Huawei Mate 60 and a massive response from consumers has possibly made Huawei reconsider its strategy for the entire mobile business.

Eventually, it allowed Mr. Chengdong to spend more time in the Huawei smartphone business to launch better products and achieve more sales for the company. Even with this new change (if happens), Chengdong will still be in charge of major changes in the auto products and his suggestions will be prioritized.

Meanwhile, you should know that Huawei has not published any official statement on this matter.

(via – ithome)

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