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Huawei denies German report on contact with Chinese intelligence



Huawei has denied the report from a German newspaper alleging that the government has confidential proof that the company is connected with Chinese intelligence.

Huawei Technologies has never and will never do anything that threatens or compromises the security of its customers’ networks and data. If the report in the Handelsblatt “Smoking gun: Federal Government has evidence against Huawei” suggests this, we strongly reject it” says Huawei.

German newspaper – The Handelsblatt reported about a confidential foreign ministery document that intelligence shared by U.S. officials represented a “smoking gun” which meant Chinese companies were unsafe partners for building next-gen 5G mobile networks (via Reuters).

“At the end of 2019, intelligence was passed to us by the U.S., according to which Huawei is proven to have been cooperating with China’s security authorities,” the newspaper cited the document as saying.

However, the German government didn’t accept nor come with any statement on this matter.

European Union on Wednesday published new guidelines and rules under which member countries can restrict or device vendors’ roles in 5G but didn’t ban any specific equipment provider or country despite the U.S. pressure.

“Huawei welcomes Europe’s decision, which enables Huawei to continue participating in Europe’s 5G roll-out. This non-biased and fact-based approach towards 5G security allows Europe to have a more secure and faster 5G network.

Huawei has been present in Europe for almost 20 years and has a proven track record with regard to security. We will continue to work with European governments and industry to develop common standards to strengthen the security and reliability of the network,” said Kevin Liu, Huawei Chief Representative to the EU Institutions.

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