EU followed UK and allowed Huawei to take part in 5G rollout

Following Britain’s decision, the EU allowed Huawei to take part in the region’s 5G rollout and told members to decide its role in their 5G telecoms networks.

Similar to the UK, the US government lobbied pressure on the EU to ban the Chinese tech giant citing that the firm’s network equipment poses a security threat but the EU finally resisted the US pressure.

Under the new 5G rules and guidelines, EU countries are allowed to decide what part Huawei can play in their 5G telecoms networks. However, they also have the rights to restrict or exclude any 5G vendor.

On Tuesday, the UK government allowed Huawei in a limited role for the 5G mobile network and refused to hear US plea to ban the Chinese tech giant.

Huawei also welcomes the decision via the following statement:

“We welcome Europe’s decision, which enables Huawei to continue participating in Europe’s 5G roll-out. We will continue to work with European governments and industry to develop common standards to strengthen the security and reliability of the network.” said Kevil Liu, Huawei’s President of Public Affairs, Western Europe.

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