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Huawei customer loyalty surpassed Apple in China: Canalys



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New research from market tracker – Canalys shows that customer loyalty to the Huawei brand has now surpassed Apple products in China.

The report published by Canalys shows that the HarmonyOS operating system continues to awe Chinese customers. Also, Huawei’s market share in the smart wearable market including wireless headphones, as well as the PC market for notebook and desktop remains resilient.

In 2023, It is noted that the performance of Huawei in these categories matches the performance of the firm in 2019. The growth is significant as it’s defying the massive slowdown after 2020.

Huawei TWS smart wearable market share Canalys


The research mentioned that HarmonyOS helping Huawei to establish a new ecosystem of cross-device connections and industry partners. This gives new momentum and experience to the user in the world of the Android and Apple ecosystem.

The capabilities such as multi-device control and data synchronization between different platforms are the key to the software’s success in the modern world. Such a comprehensive combination of software and hardware in Huawei smartphones is winning the trust of Chinese customers, says Canalys.

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Customer loyalty:

A survey report included in the research shows that Huawei’s ecosystem products have a high add-on rate, exceeding Apple’s. It also reflects that non-HarmonyOS users want to switch over to HarmonyOS once they use the phone and retain it longer than Apple.

Aside from selling phones, a firm can also route other businesses to earn profit, for example, Apple earns a large chunk of annual revenue just from Apple ecosystem and software services.

Taking its own approach, Huawei is also looking to create and expand around HarmonyOS with more professional collaboration in the Chinese developer community. This is helping to simplify app actions in HarmonyOS within a few interactions. The ease of access to basic services is helping users to achieve more by doing less with HarmonyOS.

To conclude, Canalys noted that users who purchased the iPhone also want to buy its successor model. Huawei customers are now doing the same and the researcher noted that this action is happening even more than before, surpassing Apple and its other competitor.


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