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Apple and Huawei support gets involved in the iPhone 15 charging controversy



iPhone 15 charging

The wrong iPhone 15 charging cable controversy has now reached the official level and both Apple and Huawei support team has addressed the issue. This response appeared after a blogger used a Huawei charger on an iPhone 15. However, it didn’t work, which led to a wide online discussion.

The official Apple customer support team responded by saying that there are no clear reasons available for this situation. However, the support suggested using official products to recharge the iPhone. This will refrain from such issues.

On the other hand, the Huawei support team said that such a scenario could occur based on the supported specifications of the Apple devices. These responses are accurate and that’s what actually happened in this scenario.


Huawei’s latest Mate 60 Pro comes with an 88W charger and the blogger used it on the iPhone 15. Subsequently, it was found that the iPhone 15 USB C port does not recognize this charger. However, the blogger earlier said this test was conducted using a USB-A port of each charger in the test including Huawei’s.

Huawei mate 60 pro charger iphone 15

Afterward, many people on Weibo pointed out that Huawei’s pre-built charging cable doesn’t support PD control. However, the charging brick does support all types of charging standards. Therefore, the charging cable is found to be the main reason behind test failure.

Hence, using the secondary port of the Huawei Mate 60 Pro charger for a USB C to C connection would work on a non-Huawei device. Meanwhile, Apple support remained mum on whether PD control affects the iPhone’s charging status.

Not only iPhone, it’s recommended to use an inbox or an official charging accessory to get optimum performance. Third-party chargers may cause incompatibility or even damage to the battery life. With that being said, this wrong iPhone 15 charging cable controversy is now concluded with the official clarification from Huawei and Apple.

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