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Huawei Nova 12 series to launch in December with 5G



Huawei Nova phone

Last month, Huawei unveiled the brand new Nova 11 series, and new input revealed that Huawei Nova 12 could also come this year with fast 5G network access.

Tipster Classmateguan is saying that Huawei could also bring Nova 12 series in December. That’s not it, the Nova 12 series will also feature 5G capability. This is quite surprising and exciting for fans.

Alongside, the tipster mentioned that Huawei will utilize the Qualcomm 5G chipset. However, it’s not confirmed whether the company will equip an embedded 5G chip or a separate 5G modem.

Past launches:

In April, Huawei unveiled the Nova 11 lineup, which consists of the Nova 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Ultra. Packed with different capabilities, these phones are combined with powerful cameras and software technologies.

In comparison, Huawei Nova 10 series made its debut in July 2022. However, it contained two models – standard and pro. before that, Huawei Nova 9 series rushed toward the launch in September 2021.

Yet, the launch events after 2020 were unusual due to the restrained supply chain. And it caused a major disturbance in Huawei’s launch schedule for the Nova series along with the flagships.

The disturbed supply caused many delays over the past two years. However, it seems like, Huawei wants to catch up with the time. Therefore, we may see new Nova devices in the same year.


5G is another interesting fact that we can’t forget. It may be the main reason behind Huawei’s new Nova series launch in December. Huawei Nova 9, Nova 10, and Nova 11 series all come with 4G. Therefore, bringing back 5G in the Huawei Nova series will boost its strength among customers.

Yes, there are various aspects of 5G that Huawei can explore with the upcoming phones. Aside from this input, we need an official stamp to confirm the arrival, which is yet to come.

However, you can tune back in for more information.


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