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Huawei Cloud Double 11 event offering huge discounts and rewards on services



Huawei Double 11 cloud services

Huawei Cloud has organized the Double 11 event for its users and offers a bunch of rewards and surprises on cloud products and services. While there are various other activities to participate alongside.

For your information, the event begins every day at 9:00 am and will continue till November 30. Eventually, you can win tons of gifts, rewards, and exciting offers daily, till the end of this month.

In addition, you can also grab ultimate cloud servers and take advantage of their advanced services and facilities at an affordable rate. These are the following cloud servers:

  • Huawei 1-core 2G Elastic Cloud Server – 35.10 yuan [4.90 USD] for a limited time
  • Huawei 2-core 4G Elastic Cloud Server (2M bandwidth) – 116.14 yuan [16.23 USD] for 13 months.
  • Huawei 8-core Elastic Cloud Server – 59.10 yuan per 3 months.

Apart from the services, the Huawei Cloud Double 11 event is conducting two activities. The first activity is based on inviting new users to the Huawei Cloud Store. While the second activity is to order and payment purposes

Activity 1: Invite new users to enjoy shopping vouchers and rewards

In this activity, participants have to invite and tempt new users to join Huawei Cloud Store and buy new products. The more will be the users, the more will be the gifts. You can check the criteria below.

  • Invite 5 to 9 new users to win a 50 yuan shopping voucher and 50 additional gifts.
  • Invite 10 to 14 new users to win a 100 yuan shopping voucher and 30 additional gifts.
  • Invite 15 to 29 new users to win a 200 yuan shopping voucher and 30 additional gifts.

And so on. The list continues till 500 new users and you can win a shopping voucher up to 5000 yuan.

Activity 2: Order, Purchase, and take exciting rewards.

Here, the gifts are waiting for new users, based on their total payment amount.

  • When the total payment of new users is 1000 to 4999.99 yuan, they will win 100 yuan voucher + 20 additional gifts.
  • When the total payment of new users is 5000 to 14999.99 yuan, they will win a 500 yuan voucher + 10 additional gifts.
  • When the total payment of new users is 15,000 to 49,999.99 yuan, they will win 1500 yuan voucher + 5 additional gifts.
  • When the total payment of new users is 50,000 yuan and above, they will win 5000 yuan voucher + 2 extra gifts.

To participate in this activity, you have to visit the Huawei Cloud official website and need to fulfill the required details. You can learn more about the activities and participating details HERE.

Huawei Double 11 cloud services


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New Huawei Cloud solutions will increase digital growth of automobile sector



huawei cloud

On November 20, Huawei attended the Automotive Industry Digital Intelligence Upgrade Summit Forum in Suzhou, China. During the event, the company unveiled a new Huawei Cloud architecture and a few solutions that can hype the digital growth of automobile industries.

As per the input revealings, the latest cloud infrastructure is 1+3+M+N. This framework applies to both Chinese as well as global automotive sectors. Alongside the digital aspect, the newly-released cloud architecture will also increase networking growth.

What does 1+3+M+N reflect?

The latest Huawei Cloud architecture has a hidden meaning and motto. Let’s understand the innovative term in more detail:

1 vehicle storage and computing network

The new cloud architecture will support Huawei Cloud’s global vehicle storage and computing network framework. In other words, it will aim to develop a unified networking coverage for automobiles across the globe.

So far, the respective framework has offered services in more than 170 countries worldwide. Moreover, it has integrated with the KooVerse computing network and has made the global deployment of the Internet of Vehicles possible.

3 ultra-large data centers to develop a car zone

To make an efficient, eco-friendly, and secure automobile zone, the Chinese tech maker has established three leading cloud data centers in Ulanqab, Gui’an, and Wuhu. These regions in China support the entire manufacturing purposes.

M distributed IoV nodes

Consequently, Huawei keeps associating with different operators to initiate high-end and distributed IoV (Internet of Vehicles). Thus, this development will make transporting IoV data and details to the cloud sector easier.

N vehicle-specific data access points

Huawei Cloud department will deploy approx 50 vehicle-specific data access points. This step will allow the transfer of driving details and other development notes in the cloud without any hindrance.

Huawei Cloud Solutions:

Additionally, Huawei has also released a handful of cloud solutions for the automobile industry. To begin with, the company has launched the R&D driving solution. Ultimately, it will help in collecting and verifying autonomous driving algorithms.

Furthermore, Huawei Cloud has brought the AI development ModelArts solution to support efficient training. Accordingly, it will enhance the training activity by 30% and will reduce the overall time consumption by 50%.

Ahead, the company has revealed a software-oriented car solution. As the name suggests, it will be an aid in the car-cloud collaboration and will support the development of car-related applications and services.


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Huawei Connect 2022 introduces new cloud-network solutions in Dubai



Huawei cloud solutions Dubai

Huawei conducted the Connect 2022 conference in Dubai on October 12 and introduced numerous cloud-network solutions. Besides, the manufacturer also presented several programs that can elevate digital development in the region.

Describing the merits of Intelligent Cloud-Network Solutions, Huawei quotes that these services will aid the network requirements in Dubai. Further, it will provide benefits to operators and consumers in several other aspects.

The cloud-network solution mainly confines three major functionalities: CloudFabric 3.0, CloudCampus 3.0, and CloudWan 3.0. Together, these capabilities will bridge the gap between operators and advanced network technologies.

Let’s read about these three attributes in more detail:

CloudFabric 3.0

This mechanism provides new facilities and services for L3.5 ADN (Autonomous Driving Network) technology. Moreover, it comprises universal management features, interconnection, better verification, and risk prediction for applications and networks.

Huawei cloud solutions Dubai

CloudCampus 3.0

This mechanism targets the enterprises and their goals. Further, it eases the campus network covering four major corners. These are Access, Branch, Architecture, and Operations & Maintenance (O&M).

In terms of inclusion, the mechanism consists of the first enterprise-class Wi-Fi 7 AP AirEngine 8771-X1T, core switch Cloud Engine S16700, and 4-in-1 hyper-converged gateway NetEngine AR5710.

CloudWAN 3.0

WAN reflects – Wide Area Network. Thus, this solution works toward achieving enhanced and improved connectivity in larger areas. On the other hand, it provides ultra-high-density services to the operators with the help of a NetEngine 8000 F8 router.

Consequently, these components will provide aggregate network facilities in the region.

Apart from the cloud-network technology, the Chinese tech maker along with IEEE-UAE and UAE’s Ankabut and Commercial Bank of Kuwait (CBK) also revealed the high-definition L3.5 Data Center ADN White Paper automation.

Ultimately, this solution improves the network framework of the enterprises. Besides, it also enriches the operational functions of the enterprises and reduces their capital expenditures and operating expenses.

Huawei Connect 2022 has proved as a boon for Dubai operators. The Chinese firm has offered several new technologies and solutions to the region. It would be worth seeing what effective changes will these solutions provide to the region in the time ahead.


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Huawei to bring new cloud region in Indonesia later this year



Huawei cloud region Indonesia

Huawei is planning to bring a new and advanced cloud region to Indonesia. The Chinese tech maker gave a little hint and description of this matter at the recently organized Huawei Cloud Indonesia Summit in Jakarta, this week.

So far, Huawei and its cloud technologies are constantly hovering around the world. With such efforts, the high-profile manufacturer is trying to provide the best network solutions to its consumers and operators across the global regions.

According to the latest information, Huawei will establish a new cloud region in Indonesia, later this year. Consequently, this means that by the end of this year, Indonesian users will be able to enjoy a far better network experience than ever.

The CEO of Huawei Indonesia – Jacky Chen describes that the advanced cloud region for Indonesia will consist of three availability zones. In such a manner, it will continue to promote and orient advanced and high-end technologies as well as services in the region.

For instance, cloud-native AI, pre-trained large models, databases, big-data interfaces, and more. Together, these initiatives will provide better help to small-scale enterprises. Further, it will aid in improving competitiveness and reducing overall costs.

Huawei cloud region Indonesia

Huawei Cloud – An immersive network experience for users

Up to this point, Huawei Cloud has deployed its affiliation in 6 international regions. This includes Singapore, Bangkok, Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Johannesburg, and more. On the flip side, it also has numerous base stations in Hong Kong and China.

Huawei Cloud has encouraged the planning and evolution of cloud-native infrastructures for a long time. This evolution has played a vital role in developing the local internet industry. Besides, the customers also gained the chance to experience new resources, flexible services, rapid time-to-market info, and automated operations.

‚ÄčTo bring these facilities to Indonesia as well, the largest news media group in the region – DetikNetwork has chosen Huawei Cloud. The cooperation believes that only Huawei is capable of providing high-quality live broadcast services through its Cloud Infrastructure.

This will be a great help for approx 200 million Internet users in the region. Earlier, the company announced the cloud region plans for Saudi Arabia. Now, it’s time to stretch the roots of cloud services in different parts of the world.

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