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Huawei claims first spot in the 5G Patent ranking with 15.39% applications of the overall share



Recently, IPlystic has revealed a report on “Leader in the 5G Patent Race”. This report announces the number of major organizations disclosing the number of ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) 5G standard required patent declaration families.

It shows the list of the top 10 companies by analyzing the data of 22 enterprises. In which, Huawei secures the top position with 15.39% of applications followed by Qualcomm with 11.24%, ZTE with 9.81%, Samsung Electronics with 9.67%, and Nokia with 9.01% of applications and so on.

Besides South Korea’s Samsung, LG Electronics secure 6th rank in the list with 7.01% of applications. The remaining four companies are – Ericsson of Swedish with 4.35%, Sharp of Japan with 3.65%, and Oppo and CATT Datang Mobile of China with 3.47% and 3.46% respectively.

Apart from these top 10, Xiaomi occupies 13th rank with 2,77%, Vivo 15th with 2.23%, and Lenovo ranked 17th with 0.9% of applications among 5G families. Whereas the world-leading company Apple ranked 11 with 3.21% and MediaTek gain 21st place with 0.70%.

On the other hand, Huawei also tops the registered patent application list released by Worlds Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) followed by BOE and Oppo.

IPlystic is a market intelligence company that offers an online-based market intelligence tool, to analyze technology trends, market development, and the competitive position of the company.


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