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Huawei CFO extradition hearing begins, lawyers says this trial is based on fiction



The allegation made against Huawei Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has been blasted by the defense layers, saying that the whole trial is based on ‘Fiction’.

Meng’s lawyer, Richard Peck argued that the case fails the test of ‘double criminality’ required for extradition to the US because Canada lifted its sanctions against Iran years ago, reported Reuters.

“Would we be here in the absence of U.S. sanctions law, and … our response is no,” Peck said. “In a typical case, double criminality is not contentious. This case, however, is founded on an allegation of breach of US sanctions, sanctions which Canada has expressly repudiated,” he added.

Meng Wanzhou daughter of Huawei founder and CEO, Ren Zhengfei, was arrested at Vancouver’s airport on December 1, 2018, under a U.S. request and is fighting extradition on allegations of bank fraud, and violation of sanction on Iran, of which she said she is innocent and her detention is politically motivated.

Recently, China’s foreign ministry called Meng’s extradition case a “grave political incident” and urged Ottawa to release the Huawei executive in order to normalize relations.

Regarding this trial, Huawei said that it trusted Canada’s judicial system and believed Meng will be proved innocent.

“We trust in Canada’s judicial system, which will prove Ms. Meng’s innocence. Huawei stands with Ms. Meng in her pursuit of justice and freedom” Huawei Canada.

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