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Huawei is still leading the Chinese smart band market: Q3 2022



huawei smart band q3 2022

According to the latest states published by market researchers, Canalys, Huawei is still leading the Chinese market for smart band consumer products for Q3 2022.

Huawei is guarding its spot for the top spot with a 24.0 percent market share for smart band in Q3 2022 but it was 30 percent in the same quarter last year. It’s due to the severe decline of 27 percent in the year.

It’s a sharp fall for the Chinese tech maker, allowing other homeground competitors to grab the falling shares. Such to mention that Xiaomi has moved to a 21.9 percent market share from 19.1 in the same quarter last year.

Apple comes forth and is the biggest beneficiary in this quarter with 52.9 percent on-year growth including an 8.6 percent market share. It is followed by Oppo for the fifth spot with a 4.3 percent market share and 22.2 percent of annual growth.

huawei smart band q3 2022


It’s revealed that the wristband market has experienced a year-on-year decline for eight consecutive quarters, with shipments falling to 3.5 million units. Basic smartwatches also declined in the quarter, down 7.7% year-on-year, remaining at 5.1 million units shipped.

Smartwatches became the only sub-category that maintained growth in mainland China in the third quarter, with a year-on-year increase of 16.8% to 3.4 million units.

However, basic smartwatches still hold the largest market share in the mainland region with over 40%, next comes smart wristbands and smartwatches at 29% and 28% respectively.

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