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Huawei launched Smart Selection Deschmann Smart Door Lock



Huawei officially launched the Smart Selection Deschmann Smart Door Lock with nine-fold security protection at the new product launch conference on 29th July. This smart lock with a bridge design and aesthetic black color six unlocking methods with Huawei smart card alongside the unlocking capabilities in any serve condition.

At present, this smart lock has been on the shelf of Huawei’s official shopping platform- Vmall offering a big discount and thanksgiving gift, which is a suitable pair for this product. Before discussing the details and unlocking methods, let us check the pricing information first-

Offer Overview:

  • Retail Price: 1699.00 Yuan only
  • Discount Price: 100 Yuan
  • Giveaway: Deschmann 5000mAh large lithium battery worths 199 Yuan
  • Color: Black
  • Service: Free shipping on orders over 48 yuan

Now, coming to the unlocking algorithms, Huawei Smart Select Deschmann smart door lock uses the Huawei wallet to turn your smartphone into a lock opener. Furthermore, it also supports even if your phone runs out of battery. The unlocking methods provided by this smart lock includes

  • Fingerprint Scanning
  • Password Code Protection
  • Unlocking Via Key
  • Temporary password
  • Double Password

It’s time to explore more details of the Huawei Deschmann Smart Door Lock-

Capabilities and Function:

In the era of technology, this smart door offers the best and safer way using real-time network connectivity. This smart lock also keeps the door-opening track record and shares it with the family members. Furthermore, it does not only works as a door guard but also can take charge of your house in your absence.

  1. This smart door lock can be remotely controlled through Huawei Smart Life APP
  2. You can manage smart devices such as TVs, curtains, and Bluetooth speakers that are connected to the smart door lock
  3. The One-tap offers you to gradually switch off lights, Bluetooth speakers, and other devices
  4. Pressing “0+#” will enable the defense mode, it’ll ring the alarm if someone breaks into the house
  5. It also offers an emergency quick opening handle to provide help in intense situations such as fire transpire

Designing and Security Algorithms:

Talking about its designing material and security algorithms, it’s designed with an IML metal matte process for starch resistivity capability. Moving ahead, it features a built-in CC EAL5+ national secret algorithm security chip with a high-tech encryption algorithm to assures your data protection. Besides the multiple internal and external security technologies including in-line C-level lock cylinder, hidden fingerprint head, fingerprint anti-hijacking alarm, and a 12-digit virtual password, provides a smooth operation.

(Via- Mydrivers)

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