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Huawei becomes founding member of Sisvel Wi-Fi 6 Patent Pool



Huawei Sisvel Wi-Fi 6 Patent

Today, Huawei officially announced that it has joined the Sisvel Wi-Fi 6 Patent pool as a founding member. As per the information, this newly arrived patent pool creates a layout of the essential patents of Huawei and other innovators over the Wi-Fi 6 standard network.

The head of Huawei’s Intellectual Property Rights Department – Alan Fan expresses his views on the new patent pool and the requirement of Wi-Fi technology in this world. He believes that the patent pool will surely boost the clearness of the patent licensing and will reduce the disputes over license tasks.

“Huawei is excited to share our innovative Wi-Fi technologies with the industry. Wi-Fi technologies are widely in use in fields like consumer electronics, smart homes, and industrial enterprises. The patent pool will increase the transparency of patent licensing and reduce licensing disputes. Implementers can obtain a license under all patents in the pool at one time, which increases licensing efficiency and reduces licensing costs.”

Additionally, Alan said that Huawei has done right by joining the Sisvel Wi-Fi 6 Patent Pool. Consequently, this will help the company and SMEs to license their patents and invest the license revenue in other creations. As a result, more companies will get encouraged to subsidize the next-generation Wi-Fi techs.

Huawei Sisvel Wi-Fi 6 Patent

Wi-Fi 6 Framework: A beneficial step towards technology!

On the other hand, the President of Sisvel International explains how their framework benefits the technology market as a whole. Further, it aids in removing the friction and aligning the interest of innovators and implementers.

Next, he welcomes Huawei as the founding member of the Sisvel Wi-Fi 6 Patent Pool. According to him, the IP contribution of Huawei and other participants will speedily attract a huge number of additional license and patent owners.

Although, Huawei provides the implementers the choice of obtaining the license as per their choice. They can either use the Wi-Fi 6 patents or can apply directly for the license with Huawei.


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Would you buy Huawei Mate 50 Pro without GMS and Play Store?



Huawei Mate 50 Pro GMS

Huawei has launched its most prominent smartphone lineup Mate 50 series in Poland and it’s yet to expand. But, Would you buy Huawei Mate 50 Pro without Google Mobile Services (GMS)?

The Pro version of the series packs all the flagship specifications has a premium design, and aces in the camera technology. Unfortunately, Huawei Mate 50 Pro doesn’t come with GMS or Play Store and it is the only thing in which this smartphone lags behind other phones.

Aside from that, Huawei Mate 50 Pro has some such specialties that it gives tough competition to other mobile phones in the market. Also, it is a marvelous phone showcasing the very latest technology and if it hadn’t been crippled by the US ban then it would be the best smartphone available so far. Even the US restrictions haven’t stopped Huawei from releasing its products.

Regardless of these hindrances, the company has built its own app store – AppGallery to provide its users with all the specialties compared to GMS.

Interestingly, the phone does not have the drawbacks of Android. The phone comes with a powerful battery backup and featured with EMUI 13 as well as new features.

A large number of Huawei fans have ordered the phone even with the sky-high price. Looks like Huawei has started scaling new heights with the launch of the Mate 50 Pro smartphone.

Features that you should explore:

The latest phone equips a 6.74-inch OLED display that supports 1.07 billion colors. It powers a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset with an octa-core chipset, Adreno GPU, and a 7th-gen Qualcomm AI engine.

Addressing the camera of the phone, the rear setup includes a 50 MP ultra aperture main camera, a 13 MP Ultra Wide Angle lens and a 64MP telephoto lens. Whereas, on the front side it has a 13 MP ultra wide-angle camera with a 3D depth-sensing camera.

The Mate 50 Pro model packs a 4700mAh battery with 66W wired and 50W wireless charging. Apart from this, the phone will continuously receive new features via latest software rollouts.

Huawei Mate 50 Pro GMS

The Chinese tech giant has thrown some of its best innovations into the Pro model of its latest released series. And it is grabbing a lot of love from customers and especially the Huawei Mate 50 Pro Kunlun Glass Edition is loved widely among users.

Some people might find it inconvenient to buy a phone without Google services. But its excellent features make it the best and attract the attention of people towards it.

If you want to experience such advanced attributes then you should definitely buy this phone.

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Here’s why Huawei software updates rollout in batches



Huawei Batches updates

Have you ever thought about the fact that ‘Why you may get software updates later than others in your Huawei smartphone? However, with the arrival of HarmonyOS, Huawei has sped up the entire rollout procedure, yet Android-based EMUI is still applicable for the phased rollout process.

Before getting to the answer, let me be very clear that obtaining an update late does not indicate Huawei is treating older devices unfairly. Huawei does in fact launch software updates in batches, according to regions and model compatibility.

Notably, there are some considerable reasons that Huawei should focus on before dispatching any software updates for the devices. Also by the end of the article, you might definitely think to receive the updates late or last.

Below you can check some reasons why Huawei releases software updates in batches instead of rolling out in a bundle:

Bug-free experience

  • Huawei releases updates gradually, before it spreads and becomes widely used, a bug in an update can be reported to Huawei by the end user. Huawei made a wise decision in ensuring that you won’t receive faulty software.

Server Loads:

  • There are numerous devices available, and every individual is ready to update. A server crash could result from too many users upgrading at once, which could also delay or halt other services. Huawei allows some devices to upgrade before allowing another batch from release in order to prevent this.

Huawei Batches updates

Devices compatibility:

  • Since every device is unique, Huawei must develop an update specifically for your device in order to optimize it, ensure proper interface, and ensure smooth operation. It can prolong the period until getting the updates.

Huawei device carriers:

  • Before verifying the update on devices, your carrier might want to test it to ensure maximum use cases. The testing of the update by some carriers may take a long time, making this phase often the longest. Even if your device is unlocked, this scenario may still apply.

Regional Content:

  • Some regions may receive additional content from EMUI that they require to regulate laws or stand out. If you live in such regions, there may be an additional delay because Huawei often needs to make a new copy for that region. Long wait times may be the outcome of this.

Alongside, there is the International Mobile Equipment Identity of your device, if your IMEI is in the batch, then you get the update, if you aren’t in the batch, then you need to wait for the next batch. This also might be the reason you get the update right when it’s out and other times it takes a week or more than that.

Update tier:

All of the phones come with different update cyles and Huawei phones receive these rollouts in two timelines:

  1. Monthly
  2. Quarterly

Flagship devices get more updates than budget devices as they are eligible to get better software treatment than usual.

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Huawei Petal Search AI recommendations let you hunt desired home decorations



Huawei Petal Search AI recommendations

Are you searching for the right item to decorate your home, but not getting an exact match? Well, if you are a Huawei Nova 10 user then you do not need to worry about it. Its high-end features and application allow you to easily search for whatever you’re looking for. But how?

Simply, open the Huawei Petal Search application on your Huawei Nova 10 smartphone, then it brings you AI recommendations for all your queries and more. Huawei Patel Search gives you a free and creative search experience beyond words.

For example:

If you’re looking for your dream furniture and despite your best efforts, you cannot find it on the market. Here the Petal Search makes it easy for you.

  • Just search the objects on the Petal Search Al recommendation
  • And then Search for pairing ideas
  • It will show you the matching results of your objects

However, Huawei recently added this feature for Huawei Nova 10 users, so if you have it then uses it for a creative search experience beyond words. This feature is exactly the same as the Android Google Lens application.

Google Lens also help Android users to let them search for a particular object or image and show the best matching results. Currently, this AI recommendations feature of Petal Search is spotted for the Huawei Nova 10 users.

And it is expected that Huawei may soon release it for the other Huawei devices. As this feature is really helpful for the users and lets them search for their dream object simply through the Patal Search application.

This particular step of Huawei shows their dedication to giving their users better than best experience. As this search object feature through images is already in use by Android and Apple users.  Alongside this, this makes Huawei smartphones closer to competing with Android and Apple devices in the global market.

Huawei Petal Search AI recommendations

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