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Huawei becomes founding member of Sisvel Wi-Fi 6 Patent Pool



Huawei Sisvel Wi-Fi 6 Patent

Today, Huawei officially announced that it has joined the Sisvel Wi-Fi 6 Patent pool as a founding member. As per the information, this newly arrived patent pool creates a layout of the essential patents of Huawei and other innovators over the Wi-Fi 6 standard network.

The head of Huawei’s Intellectual Property Rights Department – Alan Fan expresses his views on the new patent pool and the requirement of Wi-Fi technology in this world. He believes that the patent pool will surely boost the clearness of the patent licensing and will reduce the disputes over license tasks.

“Huawei is excited to share our innovative Wi-Fi technologies with the industry. Wi-Fi technologies are widely in use in fields like consumer electronics, smart homes, and industrial enterprises. The patent pool will increase the transparency of patent licensing and reduce licensing disputes. Implementers can obtain a license under all patents in the pool at one time, which increases licensing efficiency and reduces licensing costs.”

Additionally, Alan said that Huawei has done right by joining the Sisvel Wi-Fi 6 Patent Pool. Consequently, this will help the company and SMEs to license their patents and invest the license revenue in other creations. As a result, more companies will get encouraged to subsidize the next-generation Wi-Fi techs.

Huawei Sisvel Wi-Fi 6 Patent

Wi-Fi 6 Framework: A beneficial step towards technology!

On the other hand, the President of Sisvel International explains how their framework benefits the technology market as a whole. Further, it aids in removing the friction and aligning the interest of innovators and implementers.

Next, he welcomes Huawei as the founding member of the Sisvel Wi-Fi 6 Patent Pool. According to him, the IP contribution of Huawei and other participants will speedily attract a huge number of additional license and patent owners.

Although, Huawei provides the implementers the choice of obtaining the license as per their choice. They can either use the Wi-Fi 6 patents or can apply directly for the license with Huawei.


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