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Huawei unveils newly upgraded Smart Cloud Network 2.0 solution



Huawei smart cloud network 2.0

Huawei has officially unveiled the Smart Cloud Network 2.0 Solution in the Huawei Win-Win Innovation week. In the digital economy era, this new creation of the company acts as a power grid for the operators and individuals.

Compared to the previous generation Intelligent Cloud Network 1.0, the new Smart Cloud Network 2.0 solution of Huawei enhances the techniques and capabilities that help the operators to connect. Moreover, it enables efficient cloud-network integration for better development.

Giving a view of how this solution would help, the Vice President of Huawei’s data communication product line – Zhao Zhipeng describes how the intelligent cloud network has become the consensus of the industry. Aside, it helped in achieving large-scale application deployment across the globe.

On the flip side, the new solution serves as an aid for the operators in expanding their business boundaries. Further, it supports the manufacturers to meet the requirements of industry digital transformation.

Smart Cloud Network 2.0

Here is what Zhao Zhipeng said about the newly upgraded solution:

“Smart Cloud Network 2.0 has four new upgrades through new architecture, new experience, new model, and new services. , extend the boundaries of intelligent cloud-network connections, expand the scope of operators’ business, and help operators achieve new growth.”

Huawei Smart Cloud Network 2.0

Here are the four new upgrades that are indulged in the latest solution:

A new architecture of the data center network:

It delivers high-performance computing, general-purpose computing, and storage three-network full-Ethernet hyper-converged unified bearer. Thereafter, it has multi-vendor services arranged uniformly where new services are launched in minutes.

New experience of wide area network:

It carries the NetEngine 8000 F8, also termed the strongest metro CO router in the industry. This offers higher-density ports and more responsive services. Besides, it saves energy up to 40% and brings an increase of 30% in resource utilization.

A new model of the campus network:

This section fulfills the government and enterprises’ needs of the consumers. It expands the DICT capabilities of the operators from the WAN network to LAN.

New network security services:

It helps operators provide online on-demand ordering of security services and scenario-based one-stop security solutions to escort the digital transformation of the industry.

In the time ahead, the new network solution will add more importance to industrial services. Apart from the new release, it is also a notable point, that the Chinese manufacturer has completed more than 260 smart cloud networks and around 40,000 smart cloud placements by June 2022.


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