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Huawei and Guangdong together launches VPN Solution



hUAWEI VPN solution launch

The Win-Win Huawei Innovation Week is banged on and during the event, Huawei and China mobile Guangdong together launch the Mobile VPN solution. Consequently, in the era of high-end technology using a secure VPN for your Huawei devices are must and essential for bag security purposes.

Thus, Mobile VPN solutions use conceals 5G network to send data. Meet your needs by providing a reliable network that links straight to your portal intranet. Users have secure entry to the corporate intranet anytime, anywhere, improving work efficiency.

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) turn it possible to access corporate personal files on your Huawei smartphone anytime and anywhere. It also makes the mobile office more flexible and helps build a more digital and information-based campus.

Although, the demand for remote intranet access, online video conferencing, and online courses is overflowing. When users approach the portal through a legacy VPN solution, user traffic is diverted over the Internet.

On the other hand, the Executive director of the Board and chairman of the ICT infrastructure managing board of Huawei states that 5.5G is on its way for a dedicated network for industries.

hUAWEI VPN solution launch

5.5G has the ability to improve the bandwidth, higher spectrum efficiency, and higher-order modulation. Also, the Moblie VPN is an innovative application for the dedicated network.

Meanwhile, VPN solutions for the Huawei devices, 5G integrated into the portal network. So that users can use the internet and intranet freely without changing their card numbers.

Huawei Mobile VPNs are more secure by redefining access to the internet to empower campus digital transformation. In addition, mobile VPNs can be broadly used in public services, remote offices, and campus direction.

Moreover, Huawei and China mobile Guangdong launch a VPN solution to provide a secure and dedicated network to make devices more flexible and help more digital.

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