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Huawei autonomous driving control solution with identified signals



Huawei Arc Fox Smart Car

Last January, Huawei applied for a new patent for a driving controlling method in smart cars, devices, and related equipment, which was published on July 23 with announcement number CN113160590A in China.

For a long time, Huawei is securing its new ideas, methods, and technologies mainly related to smart cars in the form of patents. The Chinese tech giant’s new aim is to become a leading technology supplier in the automobile industry.

According to the patent document, this method of driving controlling method of the smart car according to the detected signal recognition to improve the safety.

Huawei smart car driving controlling method

Let’s take a look over the patent method for controlling driving of the smart car:

  • When the controller first recognizes the signal display device and calculates the target value of the acquisition parameter of the image acquisition device in the smart car.
  • The acquisition parameter of the image acquisition device is used to indicate the acquisition period and warm light to collect the image the number of times, exposure duration, and interval duration.
  • After that, it sends an instruction to the image acquisition device and adjusts the acquisition parameters.
  • According to the image acquisition device to obtain the image identification signal identification, and control the smart car to drive according to the identified signal identification.

Smart Car

In this way, the probability that the signal identification in the image collected by the image acquisition device is in the complete state is increased.

Also, the probability that the result recognized by the controller according to the image is consistent with the new result of the actual signal identification table. As a result, it improves the identification of smart car control accuracy and safety.

(Via: ithome)

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